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Very nice. Works great . . Sturdy. Bought a second one as a gift for an elderly friend . The stair climbing feature works great
is a pretty good value, at the price point. Bought it on clearance and have used it about a dozen times to move laundry up and down our basement stairs. It becomes sturdy once the box is expanded and the bottom is placed. It also stands up vertically if collapsed. Great item!
Lance C. Lance C.
It's a cart. It's a crate, It's a Mars Rover?
The Wife is the one who is going to be putting this to good use, After unpacking it, she started to get a little excited, Hey that's neat! she exclaimed, I set it up for her and she said , that is easy, now she is rolling it around and won't stop, look at me she yelled, as she went up some stairs, she unfurled the aluminum handle, then unlocked it, then locked it again, so when I could get her to calm down for a minute, I asked how do you like it, well it is lightweight, folds up into a nice package, the triple rollers work just like the Mars Rover working it's way over the rocky martian surface (The Mars bit was all me!) this is going to work well for medium payloads, and folds into a nice stationary crate, to take up as little space as possible.To quote the Wife "I Like It!"

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