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Lightning Rod Lightning Rod
3 T Wireless Remote
retired truck driver
used today for first time to jack up a trailor loaded with hay. worked great. convinced two other people to get one. it worked that good.
ohbie1 ohbie1
3 T Wireless Remote
I'm too old to be cranking up jacks; this takes care of that labor. It's heavy duty steel with a remote control. The two pad heights are very useful.
Jeffrey Raatz Jeffrey Raatz
3 T Wireless Remote
I don't use the jack often. So I can't attest to it greatness. It works good when I need it. So So far so good.
Kip Kip
Well built. Tons of accessories. Handy carrying case. Portable from vehicle to vehicle. ..................................................................................
Krow Krow
3 T Wireless Remote
3 ton scissor jack
solid little unit, has about all the items you would need roadside. would like a wider base plate maybe a polymer rugged snap plate for base. that way in the snow or muddy roads it wont shift upon taking weight at the base and it wont sink as easily into the ground when under load. its a little narrow like most jacks so need to use a plank of wood or couple of short pieces of 2x4 lumber. that way it has maintained stability while it takes the load of the car on uneven/soft or muddy terrain.
Amazon Customer Amazon Customer
3 T Electric Impact Wrench, Safety Hammer, Air Pump, Straps
Product worked as proclaimed
Victor M Sinopoli Sr Victor M Sinopoli Sr
Ok at first I was hesitant because it wasn't what I thought it be. I was think dam I'm wasting my money and time. Ugh well I was wrong only thing I have a problem is that I used it on my wife van and it would lift it up n then siw down then I have to stop then try it again n it would lift up to the height I needed. The impact works crazy good I've used it to take off harder bolts I could get off n it came off with ease. So far not to bad.
Jill C. Jill C.
Worked just fine out of the box
Boyfriend loved it. Made changing his friends tire easy and stress free. Were done in mind. Would recommend for emergencies.
QueenBea QueenBea
Great to use
Gave this to my husband for Christmas. He's a mechanic and he ABSOLUTELY loves it. Top quality product.
Frank Kyser Frank Kyser
Compact and easy to use.
Very impressive! Was not sure how it would hold up. Tried it out on a jeep liberty and then a Ford F-150 raised and lowed with ease. Was most impressed with the lug nut remover.

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