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Nick Nick
These are very durable and more stable than you think when you blow them up. Loaded up 8 fully loaded coolers and a full size generator to float out to the island and it did great. I am over 250lbs and I can walk with ease across it. You can blow it up almost all the way with electric blower, but to get it to be firm as a rock you just need 20 pumps from the hand pump and you won't believe how solid it gets.
Jamie Jamie
What a great buy. Great quality. Great website. So much fun in the water. It a great heavy duty floating pad. A+++++++++++++++++++++
Steve Steve
Better than I expected.
Product is well made and works great! We have really been enjoying it. Shipping was fast and it arrived good shape. Added a whole new dimension to our time on the water with our grandson.
David P David P
Floating dock
Used it a few times now and love it. Only downfall to be is needing more grab/grip handles on top being dock besides H part is slick when trying to get up on it. Love it otherwise!!
Louise Louise
A very stable dock
The inflatable dock is great. My boyfriend's family and I are all lying on it and it's enough support. It's very comfortable to use it for vacation, it's great!
Kelly Kelly
Fast delivery speed
I received it quickly after placing the order, and I love the delivery speed. I checked the items and found everything was fine. When I was on vacation, I took the inflatable dock to the beach to play
Van Van
Good quality
Last week, my friend rented a yacht and invited us to play together. I brought this inflatable dock with me, and I have to say that the quality of this inflatable dock is very good. All five of us are on it without any problems.
Best for the money
Very good price Very good quality Very quick delivery Very happy Purchased for my Daughter’s birthday party to have tied off behind our boat. It worked great. We had 6 teenagers on it and it performed well. Comes with an air pump that works well inflating and deflating the platform. It come with a manual pump also but I wouldn’t want to have to use that. We have also used it tied to an anchor in the middle of a lagoon off the river. The bag that comes with it is crap. We used a bag for one of our old stand up paddle boards and fits great and it rolls up very well when deflated with the electric pump.
Megan Megan
LOVE the dock itself. The blowing up could be easier. It would be nice if it used a standard pump to fill it rather than needing an adapter that doesn't fit my pump great and that we immediately lost. Its great they sent the electric pump but it is not useful in a boat with no plug ins. The manual pump is a useful backup but it is pretty big.
Christina A. Phillips Christina A. Phillips
A very durable float and we are very satisfied with our purchase. The storage bag didn't last a day, the handles aren't strong enough to carry the float. Even so, we love the float.

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