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Kyle Leer Kyle Leer
1134 kg 161 m
Value buy for as advertised product
I like the quality of the webbing and the spool it comes on. I mention the spool because I have had it come on cardboard tubing and it makes a mess when the tube fails. Value for the money and preformed as advertised. Used for all sorts of tasks around the farm and would buy again.
erich frees erich frees
817 kg 33 m
Great tape; carrying bag WAY too small
Item is as advertised. Did the carrying bag shrink in the mail?!
vincent resciniti vincent resciniti
1134 kg 97 m
Great produvt
Excellent product. Very strong
817 kg 33 m
Love this stuff!!
Strong lightweight and excellent! Have some of this that’s been sitting out in the sun for years still works good! Like everyone else the spool it came on will come apart if you don’t address the situation!
Gustav Gustav
817 kg 33 m
Great strap material to have in the workshop
This flat strap is very strong and soft to the touch. It is not abrasive like rope. I use it anywhere that I used to use twine or cord. The only downside is that it frays a lot when cut. It is good to melt the ends with a lighter.
david david
567 kg 321 m
Great rope
This is great rope and a good price
Michigan Bill Michigan Bill
1134 kg 97 m
Just one of those things...
Found a pile of mule tape a few years ago. Used it up. Never knew how useful this stuff was until that time. When I finally used the last of it I headed over to Amazon to get some more. This stuff is kind of the duct tape of the rope/line world. Super useful for a ton of things and you can even pull wire with it!! I'll always have some tucked away in the shop.
Yon Yon
1134 kg 321 m
Good value
Mule rope is good but spool not so much and the bag is very poorly made and doesn't fit the spool riped up on first attempt to put spool in it
Regular Guy Regular Guy
817 kg 97 m
Good quality pull-tape
I pulled a second CAT7 through an underground 1" plastic conduit using this tape. Took just a few minutes, and it is back on its spool now, ready for its next task when needed.
Michael R Michael R
817 kg 97 m
Great value!

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