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online customer online customer
Seems sturdy and useful.
Satisfactory/adequate...on standby, ready to be put into usage. Have tested it, seems okay. Longevity usage needs to be determined yet. Winter weather upset conditions will put item into work mode.
Bill Bill
Arrived quickly. Just what I needed for my generator. Price was good when compared to other quotes on the internet.
Rick Perkins Rick Perkins
Very nice equipment, high quality, quick shipping, & great price! What's not the love? Will definitely continue to shop Vevor.
chuckster chuckster
20 ft
Heavy duty
What I wanted. Heavy duty
W. Mayhew W. Mayhew
Heavy duty 50 amp, 75 foot generator cord
This 75 foot generator cord seems to be high quality. The connectors are very robust, heavy duty. The weight is substsntial, somewhere around 40 to 50 pounds, so there is considerable metal (hopefully copper) in the conductors. The assumption is that the conductors in the cord are an honest 8 AWG. The plastic jacket seems pretty durable, capable of enduring moderately rough handling. The included orange carry handle doesn���t seem strong enough or large enough to carry the cord, but given the weight I am considering repurposing a hose reel to store the cord.
Great Priceand came fast!
We bought this so we can put our generator in a shed and this will allow us to do it! It weighs 55 lbs. so we bought a hose reel with 4 wheels and it works well! Haven't used this yet! The cost was awesome and came fast and packaged well!
chris gilliam chris gilliam
25 ft
Powering off grid love shack
I cut the female end off & fed it up a piece of conduit to my panel to feed a 50 amp breaker. Generator sits outside, feeds shack until I get around to adding the solar. Then I can just leave the 50 amp breaker off until I need generator power again.
Amazon Customer Robert Amazon Customer Robert
25 ft
Stiff as holy haidies
Bought a while ago and just got my generator wall plug wires up.Time for a test.Oh my GOD this cord is stiff so stinking stiff.The plastic on this cord sucks.Is rubber really that expensive these can't be made from it? I mean a rubber air hose is not that expensive.Due to this cord being so so stiff I cant really recommend it. Maybe if I had some 110 degree weather and I lived in a desert where it was hot all the time I could get this darn thing uncoiled.
Pattycake Pattycake
30 ft
Upgraded my 40 foot diesel pusher coach to 50 amp. I was quoted $450 through an RV Dealership for a 20 foot cord. And they stated they can't even Get any 50 amp shoreline service cords. They tried to sell me three extension cords for $199 each. Anyhow this cord is rated at 12,000 watts and two hot lines rated for 50 amps each live line. So far I have ran an electric mini split at 17 amps, a 1500 watt room heater, the dryer and microwave. I USED A THERMAL CAMERA TO CHECK ANY THERMAL ISSUES AKIN TO SHOTTY CORDS. After running all yhe main appliances for 15 minutes the main plug never got above 50* despite outside temp was 17* MY ONLY COMPLAINT IS THE CABLE IS SUPER STIFF even days when outside temps were 60* days after throttling the wattage through the cable. So the cable can become a tripping hazard.
memguy memguy
25 ft
Heavy as heck
On a cold day, this cord is hard as heck to wrestle with...But that is good...You'll sleep nicely knowing it will not short out! Locks in plug and stays cool.

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