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snowhyte42 snowhyte42
24 pcs 20 x 20 inch
Wouldnt recommend
I would not recommend it was'nt that big for this price and I got the largest with a set of 10 and I still need to buy more to cover my wall and the green tye thingies was so thin they broke apart while trying to put on wall and you need more than one person to put up, but the grass its self was ok, kinda thin as well you can see through it.
VEVOR Customer VEVOR Customer
24 pcs 20 x 20 inch
Artificial grass
Karen L. Karen L.
Exactly what I wanted!
I wanted plants on my dining room wall but I had to creative since there is not a lot of light. This is exactly the look I was going for. It took about two hours for my boyfriend and I to install with a staple gun. It was easier stapling the panels one by one vs connecting several together and trying to put up a bigger panel. We ended up not using the zip ties either. I get many compliments on the wall when someone I have company over.
Vanessa J Vanessa J
Good product but messy packaging
This is the second time i have purchased this item. The first one was perfectly fine. This second time the box had a bunch of little feathers and dirt inside. Made for a messy install. Quality is good.
Mikesha Stephen Mikesha Stephen
Looks exactly as mentioned in photo
This is very easy to assemble with the zip ties that's also included. And Works well for my back drop project
Nakia Smith Nakia Smith
Comes with multiple pieces ! You can put them separately or together just depends on the aesthetic your going for ! Used it as a backdrop in my dance room ! Would recommend , no cons .
Laura Herzog Laura Herzog
Great looking Easy to install
I wanted to cover a electrical box so I used these to make a beautiful square hedge out of it and now my round about looks way more natural
Nicholas P. Nicholas P.
Great Product! No Smell! Looks perfect for how I wanted it.
So I was worried of purchasing this product cause I had seen some other people posted how the foliage was not very thick and it just looked overall bad quality. However, once you put it up on the wall it just disappears and looks fantastic. Now any spots that did looked like it needed a touch up I just pulled the leaves off the extra pieces I cut to size and put that it the bare spot. No smell either. To put it on the wall I just used a cheap 10 dollar staple gun from the local grocery store. Also, came with green zipties!
Jana Jana
24 pcs 10 x 10 inch
Wall decor
Warning, it does come with a smell. But only last a few days. I would suggest cleaning them or letting them air out in box for few days. If you’re impatient like me. Just put it on wall & spray it with Lysol disinfectant spray. Air the room out for few days. The product is good & sturdy. I was too impatient & just stapled them to wall. Skipped the zip ties & connecting them together.
Mia Mia
I Love It
It filled my space up just how I wanted it!!

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