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Carlos G. Carlos G.
Excelente producto
Muy funcional compacta y eficiente
Robert Waligora Robert Waligora
Great for measuring hops and corn sugar
Works great when measuring out 1 oz or 8 ozs, but when using for 16ozs, is seems to be less accurate.
Jared Quinonez Jared Quinonez
Works well, one defect.
I love how well this works for the price.For some reason we can’t get it to “fast” speed because it makes this ABSOLUTELY TERRIFYING NOISE that is unbearable
Linda Linda
Awesome machine
Very accurate in measuring and a great value for the purchase.
The Glitter Guy The Glitter Guy
Mostly Works
I use it for glitter, I have a lot of these machines, this was the cheapest I ever got one so the fact that it doesnt work with every color is not too bad. Some colors just slide right off the scale because its kind of slanted I have never seen one like that before but when I got this it was only 134.00 so it was a great value either way
James aston James aston
Best investment I made for my biz.
This machine makes powder packing a breeze. It has ease of use simple controls and is invaluable for what it does.

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