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Marty Walker Marty Walker
Excellent product
Product arrived and needed to be repaired due to a couple of the anchor straps were coming apart from the seems. Company credited me 15% to get repaired locally.
Leysi E. Arias Leysi E. Arias
Broken pieces.
This are great for a car body shop. They work awesome for drying the paint. Bad thing some pieces came broken. Assembly is really easy . Maybe 15 to 20 minutes putting it together on each. I got 2. And they work really nice. They do pull a lot electricity. If i put 2 together brakers go off. But besides those little issue. They work great.
Customer Service Reply: Dear customer ,
Sorry for the inconvenience has caused to you .

You can contact customer service for support, and we are always working on improving product quality.
Any questions,welcome to contact us !

Best regards,
VEVOR Customer VEVOR Customer
Awesome squat rack
This is a great squat rack, very strong and stable. I can easily do pull-ups with no problem. Great buy!
Alivia Alivia
Great squat rack so far.
I was hesitant to buy this as there were almost no reviews. So far, I am very happy with my choice. I've had this rack assembled for a couple weeks now and so far it is meeting my expectations nicely. It is super sturdy, has nice fit and finish, and (importantly) no noticeable movement. The rubber shoes on the four corners keep it nicely grounded.The pull up bars are absolutely perfect for what I was wanting and they're at a good height as well (I'm 5'8"). This is the main reason I chose this rack and I have been very happy so far in this respect.One minor design issue is the J-Hooks come with rubber lining, which is completely unnecessary. When you go to seat the bar after a lift, the bar has to roll down the rubber lining rather than just sliding straight down a metal surface. It shows that the people who designed it haven't really lifted much. Sure it's great for reducing noise, but that really serves no practical purpose otherwise. Easy fix: remove the rubber lining. It left some residual glue but it should come off with more use.Another small issue was that mine came short of multiple bolts and lock nuts. The company was quick to respond and they issued me a credit because they didn't have the missing parts to be able to send me. I had to go find them at Home Depot, so not a big deal, but worth mentioning.All in all, I am very happy with my purchase and I'm elated to finally have my own squat rack! Don't be afraid to try this one if you've got your eye on it. Will update if any issues arise in the future.
Rachel Baker Rachel Baker
Bent and scratched
I love the whole set up of this rack, very sturdy and great for any kind of workout. However, The pull-up bar portion arrived bent and a few other pieces were scratched up pretty bad. Not sure if I received a previously returned product or what. We did have to crank the bolt down pretty hard to bend back the faulty part. It also arrived in multiple boxes on different days, just keep that in mind.
R. Palmer R. Palmer
You need something like this to get big
Love it. Using iy every day. Only wish it included 1 more pair of J hooks for holding the bar. This frame (cage) is solid. The shipping packages were easier to lift than anticipated.This isn’t just for exercise… It’s for lifting and getting big!
terrence ragusa terrence ragusa
Well built
This a really good rack. I have had it for a week now. I really like how well build it. (I weigh 270lbs and pulls are easy on it, no flex) . The directions were easy to use. I will be buying a second for home gym when we expand. Really worth the money.
Jameson P. Jameson P.
Nice squat rack!
Very sturdy and built well!
Charles Watson Charles Watson
Perfect for an ordinary average guy.
OK, this is not a commercial quality rack but it didn't cost $5K either! I lift regularly and have found this rack to be perfect for my basement. It is solid enough for the average lifter. Here are the things I like: 4 weight storage bars - 2 per side, pull up bar across the top perfect for attaching bands to do multitude of exercises but the sweetest thing are the 8 pegs with clips pegs for holes across the bottom to attach bands to for dead lifting, benching and squatting. Good quality J-hooks and easy assembly. Overall, super happy for the price.
Cheap stand good lamps
Just recieved and put together. Seems to be well made. Will update later.After first day of use weld snapped on stand. Luckily we have a welder in the shop and welded it up real quick. Now it's an excellent unit. If you have a welder it's a great buy.

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