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Jacob M Meyer Jacob M Meyer
Amazingly strong for rough play
Ahh, yeah! This right here has been sooo much fun for all of us. Like, the toddlers on up to the older children and even our vertically challenged teenager (she hates to be called short). Really, there isn't much more satisfying then slamming in to people and things in the backyard and sending them or us flying. Haha.
T Smitty T Smitty
Very fun and awesome for parties
Really thick material, Great for adults.
sosa sosa
My son and his friends are loving these! Seem very durable, as we have had them inflated for about a month with weekly play, and no issues.
Matt Lemens Matt Lemens
Kids loved it
Very easy to inflate! The harness is easy to adjust and very secure. Kids loved it while I loved that they were safe and secure inside the bumper bubble!
Jean Marc Rhainds Jean Marc Rhainds
It was a birthday gift
We purchase two of this items for our son's 12th birthday party. That was the best party ever!! Everyone loved it and we had a bunch of our friends interested to know where they could get this bumper balls.
Marisa Marisa
Loads of fun and durable
The PVC is pretty strong too. One ran in to the maple tree at least once and it still hasn't deflated or had a hole start hissing air. It does come with a little patch job just in case, but no need in this house. The PVC didn't have that weird smell going either. Good thing since one little man won't have anything to do with strong smells. We pumped it up with our little air pump for the inflatable pool in less then 5 minutes and we deflated it the natural way. By opening the stopper and bouncing on it, of course. Didn't take long at all to deflate. And the way it's built is a LOT stronger then I expected. I really thought our rough and tumble would destroy it, but nope, it has seriously held up like a boss!
Family Family
These items last and my grandkids love them
My 11yr old and 14 yr old use these every day( we live in the south). Worth the money 100%!!! Bought for Christmas and they are still using them frequently!!
john john
So much fun
These are so fun. The kids and adults alike had a blast. My only frustration was the straps do not stay connected.
Jeffery Smith Jeffery Smith
Kids love this!
These are so fun. The kids and adults alike had a blast.
Jonathan Liu Jonathan Liu
Durable and fun! Kids love it
Bought these in early spring as a gift for grand kids. Super hit. Fun for all even those just watching. They have been used many times and I am always told that they were a great gift. Super sturdy!

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