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Natasha Griffin Natasha Griffin
Absolutely love! Super easy to use to use. Makes cotton candy super fast and is so much fun. Machine is not to big and easy to clean.
Jen Jen
So easy to use. i was a wee worried when there was no instruction manual. But it wasnt needed. It works wonderfully, plus the price is good.
Terri Terri
Machine works great. Who doesn't love cotton candy?! Easy to use once you get the hang of it. Made my July 4th party last week an even bigger hit than normal. The cost of the machine was very affordable for home use. It is large so think of a place to store it while not use before purchase.
Jamikell Jamikell
Bought for Block Party
We used this for a block party, and it was very easy for anyone to use, it made tons of cotton candy all day long. I was concerned because some reviewers mentioned that you need the dome, but without a dome, we made plenty of cotton candy outdoors, I could see where if used indoor you want the dome to contain any stray sugar floss. It was easy to disassemble and clean with just my hose and some paper towels to wipe the mechanical area. Previously, we rented a cotton candy machine for parties, and I barely paid more to own this than I used to pay for a one day rental.. I highly recommend this, and if something happened to it, I would not hesitate to buy it again.
John klinetop John klinetop
Doesn't live up to hype
Unit comes with a measuring handle that it claims will make one cotton candy cone. Not. It requires 3-4 measures to make one cotton candy cone. So, making 2 cones per minute is not possible. Other than that it does make cotton candy rather handily. I found that I needed to set the heat setting at about 3/4 to make the candy spin well. Also, I found the flavoring to be rather pale although this is not the machines fault. I will try the flavor enhancer on my next order, but at the price of the cotton candy mix, this should be unnecessary. This applies to "The canery" cotton candy sugar. We're I to reorder a machine, I would order one of the more expensive units as I think the added expense would probably be worth it. It would help if the unit came with an instruction manual, which it did not. I hope this review is helpful and not too long winded.
Shae Shae
Love it
This works really well and is fun for the whole family. It was a better price here than some other sites. The only thing is that there wasn't much in the way of directions or information for the machine.
William Spears William Spears
Great price and excellent machine. I love VEVOR. Very competitive prices and good selection of products.
CBurk CBurk
HR Mgr.
This machine is a good quality product. The only concern we had was the instructions were vague. We did some research online to get issues answered. All in All, we like this purchase. We do recommend purchasing the dome cover as well. We found that it was needed and we had not purchased it. When we did the trail run and found we needed it, it was to late to get it here in time for our event. Easy to clean and assemble.
Cesar molina Cesar molina
excelente inversion
muy buena compra y producto me ayudado mucho para ofrecerles algo rico a mis sobrinos en las fiestas
taylor taylor
cotton candy
HUGE gap between bowl and circuitry underneath which makes cleaning a nightmare. I reached out to company to ask if they had any additional coverage to cover the large gap. they told me they did not. Then I asked them to clarify their 1 year warranty process. I was told the process requires: "Both parties reach an agreement on the solution, and our customer service team provide the return information". I asked "what happens if both parties cannot reach an agreement?". I was then told the solution was to challenge the purchase with a chargeback. most banks only allow charge backs 120 days after purchase. this means there is no warranty and apparently your best bet is to challenge the charge sooner rather than later.
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We are sorry to hear that you had an unpleasant shopping experience.

If the product you purchased has quality problems, please contact the after-sales personnel of our website.
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