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Vevor Customer Vevor Customer
Very easy to use.
We use it for school events and we love it!!!
Vevor Customer Vevor Customer
Easy to use and works well
We used the cotton candy machine for a church event. It was a hit for young and old and easy to use and had a fun time making cotton.
kebrown1004 kebrown1004
Love this machine
We’ve used this several times and it works Great. We bought the $35 Nostalgia brand and it sort of works but takes Forever to make a small cone. This machine makes them almost faster than you can keep up. We used the regular floss sugar as well as hard candies like peppermint stars and Wow!I recommend looking for a theater supply store in your area for the floss sugar which is much cheaper than on here with more flavorsWe did not get the dome (which should come with it...) and didn’t really have a problem with floss flying around
No name No name
Kids at parties love it and it works fast
Well professionally made not cheaply done kids love it
Robin Robin
Cheer Mom
I purchased this to use for a fund raiser for our cheer team. The first football game we used it at was a huge success. We sold 55 cones at 3.00 ea. Made enough to pay for machine, supplies and nake a profit. I really love this machine.
Naomi Naomi
Great value
Love the machine, great price, have used it about 6 times. For my movie nights with family and freinds. Only thing is I wish the thermometer for the temperature worked. It came broken, so I never know how hot it really is. If you are using it regularly you will also want to buy a clear dome lid because cotton candy will get all over you from flying in the air.
Larry Larry
Awesome product
This cotton candy machine is the best bang for your buck. The temperature gauge is key. All the cheaper models without this gauge will eventually over heat. Had this thing going on and off for two hours at a birthday party. It spins a cone in about 30 seconds or less. There is a little trial and error to dial in the correct temperature and the amount to floss to add, as well as your technique. But practice makes perfect. This could go toe to toe with any more expensive model and do just fine. Great buy for the price!
Patrick Patrick
Cotton candy machine
Great machine. I would suggest purchasing the bubble so you dont have a lot of sugar spraying everywhere. I got the pink one.
dlisad dlisad
Very good price, quick delivery, and efficient use. Unless you are working outside, it would really be better to have the hood over it. but at $80--$100 it is too expensive for me. If you practice you get better at it.
Drew Barries Drew Barries
Great machine
I watched a YouTube video demo where the results were just horrible, oddly the guy was praising the sad results, needless to say this, although discouraging, did not dissuade my decision as there were numerous offsetting positive reviews. So I would have given it five stars across the board except it does not come with the plastic dome cover, which costs almost as much as the machine. This in and of itself is not that big a deal as we just had to move the operation outside and trust me you don’t want to use it indoors without the dome cover. As far as the quality there are a couple of minor issues we had on our machine, one is that the steel bowl arrived with some scratches that are prone to rusting if not kept dry but do not pose any immediate risk and overall are a minor issue. The other concern we have is that on or machine the rotor head is not centered and comes very close to touching the bowl and I do not see an easy solution to centering it but I am thinking some carefully installed washers may solve this, however this is also not a huge issue as it does not currently touch. Finally the ease of use, I gave four stars here as well just due to the learning curve. The temperature needs to be dialed in, too low and the flossing is very little and slow, too hot and it just spins out too fast and solidifies on the bowl. Overall it’s a great value and the seller was really great to respond d to my concerns and offered a significant partial refund just to keep the customer happy and so it’s really a great experience and my kids just love it, it’s been a huge hit at the parties.

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