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lisa mcglynn lisa mcglynn
3 Layer 108
Follow instructions carefully.
Well, this was a lot of fun to out together until I put it together backwards..2nd time not so fun..but..finally got it up and running. No leaks. Drainage tube wasn't long enough so I improvised..woke up to a very wet basement the next day ( totally my fault) bought a proper tube, used the handy pipe tape provided in the problems since! Can't wait to start growing stuff. I would by again.
Dwayne Dwayne
2 Layer 54
The value of this hydroponics system is incredible! It costs almost half the price as it would have if I had tried to make it myself! I thought for sure that because of the price, it would be cheap and full of chemicals. I was actually pleasantly surprised when I opened the box and found a bunch of spare parts and manuals on how to set up a full hydroponics system! After taking these parts out and setting them up without glue, I went off to buy PVC glue to finish the job. It all went together fine until the last part. After slipping all of the tubes together except for the last horizontal one that holds plants, the vertical support pipes had already been locked in by the other horizontal tubes already glued in place. I had to cut part of the tube and it was a struggle, but I got it eventually and it works and looks great! The pump is very small and is about the size of two fingers put together, but it pumps adequately and works perfectly with the system along with the timer. I also had fears that it would be low, and the bottom row of plants would practically be on the ground, but that is not the case at all! It is well off the ground and I am no longer worried about my bottom row plants collecting dust. I also loved the baskets that this kit comes with. They are very well made and fit into the square holes very snugly and securely. It also comes with some foam grow media-type cubes, but I didn't trust those and set them aside. Overall though, this was probably the best thing I have ever gotten from China, and maybe one of my best purchases ever. I was really blown away by the value (it was a little tough to put together but after that it was fine). I definitely recommend this hydroponics system!
dlang4d66 dlang4d66
3 Layer 90
Proper assembly is important
A good project if you are moderately capable of assembly. The best way to tackle this is to start at the bottom and work up through the layers paying careful attention to plug location on the way up. You must tap the joints together solidly to avoid leakage after assembly. There is a small mallet provided but a good mallet or a wood block and hammer would be much better. I ran this unit continuously for more than 12 hours after assembly and had no leaks. If you were to go out and purchase the materials to build your own, you would spend at a minimum $150 so I believe it is a good value. Had there been some useful assembly instructions, I would give it a 5 rating. For some reason Amazon markets so many Chinese products which typically have zero instructions.
Stephen M. Stephen M.
1 Layer 36
Do not use the stand without modifications
Everything is great except for the stand. The system will not drain correctly without sloping each tube. Once you permanently seal each end (once you have the correct drain angle) you can modify the stand. I put this in a grow tent, but plan on moving it outside once the weather gets better. Overall I am very satisfied and now have a model so that I can make my own as needed. You can grow anything and transplant if it outgrows the system.
Robert Myers Robert Myers
3 Layer 108
It does work!
I used this over the winter. It works really well for different varieties of lettuce. I needed more water frequently as my house stays warm. It also did add some moisture to the air. It is not the easiest to put together, but a few youtube videos and looking at the pictures made it much easier.
joel gooch joel gooch
4 Layer 36
Great value for the money
This was easy to put together... and we followed the use directions inside the pak and we are now growing. I am considering buying another one.
Jmp Jmp
4 Layer 72
Actually works it's great.
It's Smaller than I expected but it worked after about 3 weeks the tomatoes I put in where so huge they clogged the pipes with its roots so I had to carefully remove them and Put them in a different system. Great to start plants or grow lettuce Radishes and cucumbers. Avoid larger plants with big roots or you will clog the pipes.
underthesun1 underthesun1
3 Layer 108
better then i thought
I was so excited to get this system ,it only took me about 30 min to assemble
Yogesh N. Badiani Yogesh N. Badiani
4 Layer 72
Great system for the money!
The system is basic and easy to use. It came with a pump, sponge growing medium and timer. You will need to provide the basin, seeds and lights. This is a wonderful setup for anyone who wants to give hydroponics a try. Couldn't be happier!
Dr. Michael Ruscio Dr. Michael Ruscio
3 Layer 108
Hydroponics Project
Likes: ease of assembly, all parts in the box and the nice look of final assembly.

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