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M. Ruse M. Ruse
4.25 inch
did the job
drilled through concrete block
Oldtimer Oldtimer
2.5 inch
Wet bored 9 in. of concrete basement wall with an old drill.
Although I only have an old hammer drill (Hammer off) I drilled it wet. I first hammer-drilled a small hole through the wall and then ran an evaporative cooler water supply line into the inside of the basement. I inserted it inside the small hole and stuffed some foam insulation around it so that water would come out into the center of the coring bit. I then mounted a piece of particle board with a 4-in hole in it to guide the bit. It worked really well! I am 70 years old and I was drilling the hole in a very awkward position but I'm quite happy with the way it turned out. I know that the bit teeth were wearing down, as they are supposed to, because I occasionally saw a sparkle of diamond dust in the water that came out. That coring bit is tough and it has several holes left in it!
Demon Camber Demon Camber
4.25 inch
Slow but works great
Took bite out of high strength well that consisted of 5000+ psi concrete, masonry brick and cinderblocks. It wasn't anywhere close to fast but it got the job done well. Water helped speed up the process but it was extremely messy...The free cutting disk works great too.
stacy stacy
4 inch
4" coring bit
The bit worked great and was a terrific price. It went through brick and concrete block as described, with several breaks to cool off my hand drill that I used for the project. I would definitely recommend this product for its performance and very competitive price. Be sure to wear a good mask to prevent silicates from getting into your lungs and ear protection. It will be loud! When receiving the bit, I was concerned that the diamonds supposedly on the cutter portion of the bit were absent from view, but it really did the job with very little wear upon the tool.

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