James L. Fisher Jr. James L. Fisher Jr.
Black Rop & Black Bar
Missing one rope
We assembled very easily and the quality is great but are missing one velvet rope. Hopefully they will help us get the missing piece before our event.
Jonah B. Jonah B.
Black Rop & Sliver Bar
St⭐️r of the Sn❄️w
Best bang for ya buck.
VEVOR Crowd Control Stanchion, Set of 2 Pieces Stanchion Set, Stanchion Set with 5 ft/1.5 m Red Velvet Rope, Silver Crowd Control Barrier w/Sturdy Concrete and Metal Base - Easy Connect Assembly
Alyssa Miller Alyssa Miller
Black Rop & Black Bar
Vevor Crowd Control Stanchion Stanchion Set 6 Pieces Set W/ Black Velvet Rope

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