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Sonja C. Sonja C.
Amazing for the price. Bought this for my sister so it would be easier on her to press the designs onto the shirts she’s constantly making. Works like a charm and she loved it. Uses it every chance she gets. Very easy to use, but if you have children keep it where they cannot reach or get to it, it is exposed heat so the risk of burning yourself and/or them is pretty high.
Bree Bree
Safety hazard and incorrect item sent by company
Upon receiving my 6 in 1 heat press I was concerned as the item seemed incorrect . I spoke with customer service, which did reply but quickly told me to ignore the fact that the wattage and max heat was different than the order I placed. The platten didnt quite line up straight and the top was at steep angle (swing away) For a $200 press i wasnt expecting perfect but i did expect it to not make me fear for my safety. Within 30 minutes of use this item has popped 2 circuts (never been an issue with other equipment) and I wasn't very happy watching little fireballs pop out the back of the unit itself, coming from the very same "mislabeled " item they told me not to worry about. Just don't do it.
Customer Service Reply: Dear customer,
Thank you for sharing this feedback with us.

We are very sorry to hear that you weren’t happy with your product.
We can see that you are already in contact with our Support Team, and we hope we’ll be able to find a satisfactory solution for you.

Have a great day,
Megan Nicole Smid Megan Nicole Smid
Great for Beginners
I bought this to use with my Cricut. I wanted a heat press for shirts and hats. I have not used the other features yet. Heat distribution is a bit less towards the side closest to the user. The heat setting does fluctuate a bit when set.
Love cute little things Love cute little things
Just as Good
As a newbie, I didn't want to invest alot in accessories, just in case I didn't stick with it. I went to a few Cricut parties and they own all the Cricut brand pressesThis heat press works just as good as the Cricut brand. Solid invest. My only issue was I had to research how to change from C° to F°. This is my go to brand and have referred to family.
Hannah Hannah
Swivel. Swivel. Swivel!!!
I was undecided over which heat press to purchase. I originally though of purchasing a top down press, but was concerned about burning my hands while placing the T-shirts flat in towards the back of the machine. I don’t know if this is a valid concern, as I purchased this one with the swivel top. I’m very happy with the ability to manipulate the placement of the shirts and the stabilizer I use on them (I make T-shirt quilts). I only needed a heat press to do this, so I didn’t need a fancy more expensive heat press. I’m very happy with this choice!!!
Monique Davis Monique Davis
It gets really hot very quickly
Annette Annette
Just wish bottom would slide out
Angie hart Angie hart
Works great for Cricut. So glad I sent the extra to get this one
Martha DePue Martha DePue
Best Heat Press Machine..
Kristy Prine Kristy Prine
This was easy to put together and that's a good thing because the instructions they give you don't show you very much. It don't show you how to install each heat plate or even what each one is for. Other then that I am very happy with it.

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