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MVonShweetz MVonShweetz
Slight temp drops and stuff to use
I’ve noticed very small temp drops while using. Goes from 375 to 360 degrees. Also very stiff when pressing down and lifting back up… hoping I can fix that myself because I’m afraid of messing up product.
Abbiagale Graham Abbiagale Graham
Perfect for starters!
Phyllis C. Gregoire Phyllis C. Gregoire
15 x 15 inch Blue
Easy set up and easy to use!
LOVE this heat press! This works so much better than my Cricut Easy Press as I can get the pressure a lot better and more evenly for sublimation! I got the 8 in 1 and love all the attachments (have yet to try them, but love being able to). If you are just starting out then I would suggest getting a heat press instead of an easy press and the cost difference is not that much and you will have better control of the heat and pressure for your projects.
VEVOR Customer VEVOR Customer
Great product for price
Did not disappoint great press simple instructions
Artist Artist
Press great, hat attachment horrible
The heat press came fully assembled and works great. Easy to use and accurate. The hat attachment is worthless. First off, it’s a pain to switch out press for hat press. The bottom off the hat press slides and doesn’t stay in place. It’s near impossible to adjust hat flat to press and you’ll end up bending up the hat and have creases pressed into it. Also, because it’s a swing arm, you have to lighten the pressure to fit over curve of hat and increase to desired pressure once it’s hovered over the hat. Way too much work for a mediocre press on the hat.Overall, love the large press but will be purchasing a separate press specifically for hats.
Bonnie Agudelo Bonnie Agudelo
Works better than expected
This does the job just right! No need to get the expensive kind that’ll do the same thing. I’m a newbie at this and I figured it out just fine.
Honeybunny Honeybunny
Easy to use
This press is super easy to use. It took my fiancé less then a hour to put it together. It comes with so many different tools for pressing!
Joaquin Romero Joaquin Romero
Beginners heat press. Easy to use
Not complicated. Great for first time users
Ryan Ryan
12 x 15 inch Blue
Went from hobby to MONEY and still more fun than ever !!!
I bought this for my wife as a birthday present after buying her a Cricket Maker for our anniversary a couple months before. She had been hinting around wanting a cricket hand held press so she could start doing shirts and hoodies for the kids. To be honest she was a little frustrated with me for spending so much on a press so large with so many options. But I over research everything and after explaining to her that this press plus 1 of its accessories sold separately equals the total price of this entire package she was a little better. But still said I won't ever use any of the other accessories. I knew that wouldn't last. As soon as she tried them out and got the hang of it she started making all kinds of stuff. After awhile other people started noticing some of the items she and the kids were wearing and carrying and asked where she got them from. Then it was off to the race's. I had to buy a sublimation printer for higher quality clothing printing and more permanent transfers to hydro flasks, cups,shadow boxes,mirrors and many different custom requests. Now she uses all the accessories. She still keeps it fun for herself by doing the work order by order instead of making a stock pile which would turn it into repetitive work. That also insures she always has a new project to work on and the customer gets a truly unique item. So this definitely can be a fun in home press that is not to much machine for a hobbyist. The only down fall is that this set up can lead to addiction. So husbands BEWARE LoL.Pros.1. Great price2. Well made3. Large press area for large items (sweaters,mirrors, ect.)4. Accessories work well as advertised5. portable6. Accurate temperature display ( she consistently checks with lazer thermometer)7. Alot of funCons.1. Need better instructions. But is still not to hard to figure out by messing with it a bit. Hint ( Use it to press iron clothing during learning process. Helps you get the feel of the pressure settings and nice smooth clothes LoL.)
Elizabeth Ward Elizabeth Ward
Easy to set up.
So easy to sit up and super easy to use.

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