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Scott Burel Scott Burel
DIY Slab Flattening Sled
Turned these into a DIY slab flattening sled at a 10th of the cost with the same results as a purpose built product at the wood store.
Walt Wlodarsky Walt Wlodarsky
fits great
john miller john miller
Definitely worth the price paid.
Linear movement can get expensive. These were perfect for my current project.
Keith Keith
How do I get a new roller block?
Just received it and one of the roller blocks is binding up. Took it off the rail and cleaned out the metal flakes. Didn't make any difference.
C. Lightfoot C. Lightfoot
quality and build is amazing !
WAY better then I could have imagined... holly crap... this was designed and built for way more then my home project :) but I could not be happier...
Bobbie Parks Bobbie Parks
Good product
Thanks for good product. Boxing needs to be better though.
IsaacL IsaacL
Great product , fast shipping
Exactly as described, fast shipping
Edward Koester Edward Koester
great idea affordable and adjustable for river table sizes
Isaac Isaac
Surprizingly precise
I took a gamble and bought the cheapest rails amazon had to offer (these) and they turned out better than expected. Very straight, and only one wobbly carriage, which I expected and had already bought quality bearings and spare carriages in case there was a lemon or 4. No perceptible play in the other 3 carriages, for this price point The value is insane. Dont let those gatekeepers on cnc forums tell you you have to drop 500 on name brand rails! Just be ready to send back for replacements if they don't test out well.
Joe V. Joe V.
Well built
This product worked well and it is as advertised. Rugged.

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