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Adam Greene Adam Greene
Dust collection is finicky, but GREAT hobbyist system for the price.
This little sandblaster has no dust collection, so you'll need to add a filtered hose or collection box to the back or it'll cover your workstation with sand within seconds.Emptying/reusing spent media is kind of a pain, but the whole box is so small and lightweight that you can just pick it up and dump everything out to re-collect it.You absolutely need to invest in some replaceable screen protectors so you don't etch the window and lose visibility.The only thing the power cable powers is the light. The foot pedal is just an analog air valve, not a solenoid, so when you release the pedal, media continues blowing for a couple of seconds. If that isn't a dealbreaker for you, this system is absolutely worth it. Paid for itself with one project.
Jonathan Reyes Jonathan Reyes
Sand blaster equipment
Very nice product I’ll recommend it
Christian Jonas Christian Jonas
Twin Pen Sandblaster for Dental lab or Jewelry Work
The sandblaster had lots of issues and needed major modifications to make it work properly. First and foremost the seals for gloves had to be replaced with 3M gray double-sided tape material and the gloves recut at their out edge to fit snugly into ring assy. After that, they would no longer leak sand. Also hooked up a vacuum cleaner hose to round output port located in the back bottom of the unit. Not sure if it was meant for that but it was the only way to prevent an unimaginable sandy mess in the house while using this thing. Had to drill out several bleed holes into a round vacuum accessory adapter, borrowed from an older vacuum cleaner. in order to prevent it from having overpressure and cause excessive glove expansion/ballooning while the vacuum was applied. This took some time to do. Lastly, replaced the cheap rigid plastic hose with a high-quality clear flexible one that actually would not explode off its fittings after applying 60 PSI. That was the final straw to pull on this ill-conceived and poorly designed device made in China. You have to use at least that much pressure to get it to properly blast anything. Finally, covering the unit's back end and with a clear plastic canopy also helps with eliminating a dusty mess from littering itself all over your working surface. Regards... T.O.
Vevor Customer: Dear customer, Thanks for your message and sorry about the inconvenience caused. Would you kindly send e-mail to with your order number and the related photos to show the issue clearly please? We will help you check it and reply you within 24 hours, thank you. Your any feedback will be highly appreciated. Best regards Vevor Team
Salvador E. Gales Salvador E. Gales
Best to clean before cementation of crowns and bridges, dentures and rusting instruments.
2 nozzles, and easy operations.

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