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Ed McG Ed McG
2200 W
Great grinder
I use this for raw dog food. The size of the plates combined with it's power allows it to grind bone in chicken in seconds. Easy to clean. This is a heavy, powerful grinder.
Richard Richard
The meat grinder
Simply said it's a beast and performs extremely well with a great price. I got it for my personal use.i could have saved money by getting a 1 hrs grinder but for the extra money this grinder was a steal.
MGrover MGrover
Got this meat grinder for my sons first deer. It made short work of the 50 lbs we ground up for burger and sausage. The attached stuffer was difficult to fill so I wouldn't rely on just that if making sausage. Love the quality built and workmanship this grinder has.
Anthony Anthony
This thing eats
Great grinder. I can’t feed it fast enough. Went through 60 pounds of pork in about 10 min. Never showed any signs of slowing or bogging down. I have ran 5 deer through it and a couple hogs.
Greg Greg
I really like my new grinder I used to use a cheap one I bought because I just didn't know how much I was going to use it, it would take me just about a hour to grind 25 lbs now it just a matter of minutes, a lot of reviews say hard to clean well it's easier than I expected if I had to say anything negative I think I would have to say it's a little noisier than I expected but I would definitely buy it again
Mark Mark
This is a workhorse. Ground through venison like it was playdough. The sausage stuffer tube was damaged but Vevor was right on it and got a replacement in about 10 days.
shan shan
deer cutter
Bought this for processing my deer, only use it a few times a year, the plastic stuffer and pusher are junk and came cracked. When I first assembled it clunked and jammed. After inspection, the blade was hitting the internal grooves, I had to clean it up with a dremel and grind the tips of the blades off. Now it works great, super powerful and will grind anything you fit in the throat, definitely worth the money since its less than half what LEM or Cabelas charge
Kevin Kevin
This grinder worker like a charm. We were able to grind up about 80 pounds of Elk meat in no time. The weakest part is the holding tray on the top. The tray just sits on top with pressure and will not hold much weight and pops off very easily.
Acts In Motion Acts In Motion
Meat grinder
VEVOR Electric Meat Grinder Machine Electric Meat Mincer 331 Lbs/Hour 1100W is made well, plenty of power, ground with ease. It is fast in getting the job done.
DanC DanC
Regular Joe
While this grinder was MUCH larger than I'd pictured it - I am pleasantly surprised. It's a beast. It's solid, well-constructed and goes through meat in nothing-flat. For the price, I'm pretty happy. Including a "fine" grinding plate would have been thoughtful, but they're easily enough come by. I will say this may have come in the best-designed shipping packaging I've ever seen. The box is so stout I saved it. It's bound to come in handy for something.

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