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Real person, fake name Real person, fake name
Yet to use, quality seems good
Looks like good quality. Have yet to use it but will update after first use.
michael ruff michael ruff
Works good
Works good using it for sander
shawn shawn
Worked great and way cheaper than buyers
VEVOR Customer VEVOR Customer
Works as advertised!
C.S. - Exactly what I needed. Perfectly packaged when arrived. Unboxed and installed. Working perfectly. Only thing that would make it better is if it came with a backing plate drilled to match the mounting side.
David L Carlson David L Carlson
Great price.
Easy installation , works great
Larry Liebsch Larry Liebsch
Perfect fix to clogging!
I bought this vibrator in Hope's it would solve my issue of salt clogging up in my spreader. Well it worked perfectly! I will add this to any and every spreader I have to solve the issues of clogging.
Tom Tom
Does not come with wire harnes
Easy to mount just started to ues it works good so far
VEVOR Customer VEVOR Customer
I made a three point hitch pull behind arena rock sifter and needed it to shake to let the sand thru the small gaps. This motor works perfect. The rocks get picked up and the sand falls thru!!!!! Without it, the sand piled up with the rocks and did not sift thru.
Tyler Tyler
Works perfectly for my needs shaking table molds with just under 200lbs on concrete in the mold comes out smoothed and packed like I expect it would
Bill in Denver Bill in Denver
Powerful enough for a vibrating cleaner
I used this vibrating motor to build a simple vibrating cleaner. It's an HD plastic pail suspended in the air by a couple of springs. Bungees would have worked too. I drilled holes in the bottom of the pail and bolted the motor to the pail. I just used some sand as the abrasive media for the first run and threw in some rusty nuts and bolts. Did a fair job, but only because of the media wasn't very good. Bought some better grade ceramic triangles media and it did a way better job in a very short amount of time (5 minutes), but seemed like it was breaking up the ceramic media too, so I think I need a motor controller to reduce the motor speed a little to be less intense. Bottom line is I'm happy that I have a polishing/cleaning solution that costs less than $50 and is very simple. The only negative is that it is VERY loud with the ceramic media, louder than a gas lawn mower! Also need a lid to keep the dust down.

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