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John Langley John Langley
500ml distillation kit
Can't beat it for the price. The connection plugs are a bit more difficult to work with vs the traditional fitted connections with clips but all in all good quality glass.
19 piece distillation kit
Fantastic starter kit. Extremely surprised with the quality of the glass. the separatory funnel is only 100ml so plan on investing in a larger one, this one is great to have as a backup, for the price you cant beat it. the toolbox is great for me as im woking with limited space and its very nice being able to pack most of it in the case for storage. the stands have a nice heavy base and come with multiple rings, clamps. Everything was very nicely packed except the thermometer and the glass dropper. The tip of the glass dropper was broken, the rubber bladder was taken off the back where it is supposed to go and put over the tip in an attempt to protect it. the thermometer was not protected at all and was broken in half upon opening the toolbox. I filled out a refund ticket and the response was immediate, they ask me to pls be patient for a couples day as they reached out the the technician. After 3 days they informed me they could not reach the technician and that they were extremely sorry for the inconvenience, they offered me a refund of 20$ just for those 2 missing parts. I happily accepted the 20$ and it is already back in my account. Great product and customer service using their online ticket system was an absolute pleasure
jdizzle jdizzle
its a really cool set.
I am jsur starting out in alchemy and it has done the job so far. it was my second purchase of vevor and the 1st one came cometelt destroyed they replaced it right away. I've only used itn2 x but so far so good.
Anonymous Anonymous
Loved it so much I got two
For discount glassware sets Vevor is where it's at. Deschem is also great brand but vevor will arrive fast. I even ordered from them thru Alibaba, still came quick. I've even used the 1000ml with a huge propane torch distilling H2SO4 (don't recommend you try this) and it worked fine. Held up to the heat. Same flask I decomposed pyrosulfate for SO3. retirement came from 5 hours of KOH/CaO boiling. If you need a set up on the fly and double wall isn't in the budget, or a student in need of their first apparatus. I'd buy both 1) 29pc and 1) 32pc. And you have the bulk of it. Just a couple drying tubes, gas adapters valve and open, and a pressure equalization funnel and your set to preform all the major reactions one would ever need to preform. Did I mention they sell a 2L and a 5L 2 neck 24/40 at the best prices in the game. You have to go to eBay for used glassware to come close to their new price. And NEVER buy used glass
Mike Mike
Got the package in perfect condition
Haven’t put it together or use it yet .But I can say I received it undamaged and every part is counted for . Thank you
roy roy
Packaged with care
The set is as seen and the only thing I was worried about was breakage during shipping. Everything was shipped appropriately and with care.
JustSomeGuy JustSomeGuy
Good deal for $50 worth of lab glass.
Wow … it really is everything pictured for $50.As long as you understand that the parts are small, it’s a phenomenal deal. Just make sure you know what a 100ml flask/beaker/funnel looks like. They are SMALL.Still tho, this is a nice little setup for literally NO money… not in normal lab glass wear prices anyways.NOTHING BROKEN, came FAST
Edward J Gieder Edward J Gieder
Great starter distiller
This was my first distiller purchase and I’m definitely impressed it got me interested in more in the distilling art
Daniel Seluk Daniel Seluk
Very nice labware set.
This set appears to have stainless rods and a heavily painted glossy base. After seeing the quality, I bought another one.
Great starter kit
Really nicely packaged. Good quality. A nice variety of general solvent chemistry glassware. A great stater kit.

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