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Neftalí ox Neftalí ox
30 Pieces
Works good I used for 1/2 copper pipe double flare gas connection I recommend it…. No leaks and easy to use
Douglas Douglas
Best bang for the buck. Beautiful flares every time. Can't beat the price and it shipped fast. I will be buying more of these as it's a must have when building custom brake or fuel lines for any project.
terry terry
5 Pieces
order # 20700561400 and 20700136100
it works great I like it a lot. I will tell others to buy it.
John John
30 Pieces
Good tool
Works great functions like it should dose good flairs a lot easy than the old school way of doing a double end flair
Chris Curry Chris Curry
30 Pieces
the tool workd flawlessly. Proper flares each and every time.
hemipop hemipop
Excellent tool! Made flaring a snap.
Used it to modify SS brake line on a classic car project. Worked great.
Rich Rich
Perfect flares
I never write reviews but this tool deserves one. This thing kicks ass! Perfect flares every single time. I've only used it on copper nickel lines but I dont see why it would have trouble with any other material.q It's easy enough for a toddler to use. It might be a little pricey compared to the other types of flaring tools but it's worth every penny. The tool itself is good quality and theres enough space in the case to toss in a small tubing cutter and deburring tool. I would recommend this to anyone doing brake lines.
Olduhfguy Olduhfguy
30 Pieces
I have been experimenting with several different sizes and types of tubing. I have made GM and push-on ends, as well as single and double flare fittings. My only issue has been working with harder materials. The tool is designed for use with soft (copper/aluminum) tubing but the hydraulic press is more than capable of dealing with steel. The problem is that the dies can't grip steel lines tightly enough and may slip if used with hard metals. I believe this can be made to work by modifying the dies but that is a work in progress. I recommend this for HVAC work.
VEVOR Hydraulic Exhaust Pipe Expander, 1-5/8" to 4-1/4" Size, 10 T Pedal Pump Included w/4 Dies and 2 Storing Cases for Copper, Aluminum Tubes in Car Repairing
matthew matthew
Worth spending the extra money for the right tool
Brake lines are never a fun job, but this tool made my life 100x easier. If you do them even remotely often, do yourself a favor and throw away your parts store brake flare tools and grab this set.
Don Taylor Don Taylor
Great tool
Very easy to use wish I had purchased years ago

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