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William Santiago William Santiago
Expert Electrician
Very easy to use compact, and cut with out problem. High quality product and exellent price. Assembly very fast.
E.R. E.R.
My review
Ok this thing does need adjusting, the gripper wheels must be centered to cut wheel depending on wire gage. I’ve noticed it won’t do wire under 12 gauge cause center cut wheel hits the gripper wheels. Oh and also center wheel seems to be a bit wobbly… Have fun and strip naked my friends
Nicely built, sturdy manual wire stripper with smooth action and nice results. This device is inexpensive, in comparison with many other strippers, and works great. Highly recommended.
Lynn Bailey Lynn Bailey
Made the adjustments needed for the wire size and it works great.... wish i had gotten one a long time ago
scrapman scrapman
lead scrap maker
I bought this to finally end my scrap wire pile. Finally an affordable device to do a very boring and tiring job. And this thing works. Just the way it is supposed to. Start a wire crank the handle and peel that casing off. Wow no more cut fingers or sore hand joints. I may even try driving it with my battery powered drill. The price was real reasonable, thsy ship super fast and it works.
Jeff Jeff
Small time scraper
The machine works great. A little tricky to line up small wire below 14 gauge to the cutting wheel, but it works. For us it paid for it self the first time we used it as it doubles the price of copper. Bare copper is $2.40 per pound verses insulated copper is $1.12 per. pound
joe joe
this is by far the best wire stripper for the money, It 's easy to set up and use with the hand crank or set it up to use your cordless drill. I stripped out half a 55 gallon barrel of Romex in a very short time. This is a 5 star tool.
Drew Collom Drew Collom
I have been using this wire stripper for over a month now. I think the most amazing thing is that I’m still amazed by the machines quality of build and ability to perform as stated or better. If one man was feeding a sec fast as he could two men could not keep up on the other side. One issue I had was the pull-up on the motor shaft came loose and would not retighten with the jetway provided. Turns out after some precise measurements the key way taper was reversed I simply drilled and tapped the pulley and installed with a set screw problem was fixed and we’ve been at it ever sunset. Now the only problem is finding enough wire to strip. I highly recommend this piece of equipment not for a homeowner version but for entry level industrial.
Wingtour Wingtour
This unit works very nicely for the price range. easy to set up and so far has worked as advertised.
Isaac Isaac
Blown away by the quality for the price. I would have expected this to cost twice as much. Works as described and looking forward to years of increased profits from processing scrap wire before recycling. Thanks Vevor!

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