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P Wolfe P Wolfe
Great for linear guide rails, not for high precision light loads
The rails were nice and straight, no bowing, and the SS tracks are well polished. The linear bearings need some adjustment to get them to run relatively smooth. Even after adjustment, the bearings seem rough until you put a load on them after which they run nice and smooth.These work well for my purpose (linear guide rails), but I would hesitate to use them for high precision or low load applications (CNC, printing) simply due to the way the bearings behave without a load.
Alejandro Lozano Alejandro Lozano
Excelente producto recomendado 100 %
Scott Stekr Scott Stekr
Extreme Value
I was not sure what to expect at this price point. I am accustomed to paying many more times the price for similar product from our favorite "McM... " store. Anyway I am extremely pleased by the quality at this price point.I rarely leave reviews but had to for this product!
arturo vargas arturo vargas
Good product
Good for my expectations and work perfect
Quality Product
Excellent machining tolerances. The quality was better than I had expected.
Tom Chandler Tom Chandler
Router sled rails
Quick shipping. Perfect for my router sled.
Sandy M. Ortiz Quintero Sandy M. Ortiz Quintero
Linear rails
Good item, however there is not template for the sliders that is not easy to align.
Bob Bob
Affordable rails
I'm sure these will be great when I am ready to use them. The idea I have for them is to be used as a flattening sled for large wood projects. I read reviews that stated that they used this for the same idea and it worked great. I will revisit this review once I have built my sled
robert speller robert speller
great product
the product was just what i needed to make a slab flattening jig
Kindle Customer Kindle Customer
Rails are great to build a router flattening jig... Roy Baird
I needed to make a jig for using a router to mill large slabs flat on both sides. The slabs are too large for a planner or a drum sander. If the slab was not close to square, a belt sander would not be able to cut enough off. So instead of spending $1000 for a jig, I am building one with the help of these Linear Rails with the ball bearing slides. I actually bought 2 sets of the rails, 1 set is 60 inches and the this set (40 inches). The longer rails will be mounted on a side that is parralell to the slab on each side for the jig to rest on and be able to move it from one end to the other and the shorter rails will attach to the bearings of the longer rails an the router will sit on a platform attached to the bearings of the shorter rail. This allows for the router to be moved easily across the slab and from one end to the other and hold the router flattening bit at the same level.

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