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KnoxEating KnoxEating
Good Machine and worth the money
I've never owned or really operated an ice cream machine. Did the research and decided this would be a good starting place. The good: Works very well. Makes great ice cream. Easy to clean. Ready to dispense ice cream very quickly. Easy to understand controls. Nothing really to say that is bad. Just understand that the ice cream mix on top is not chilled and if you use a mix with dairy it will go bad after some time. The compartments for the ice cream mix are not removable, so you have to empty out any excess mix manually. Ice cream quality is 100% based on your mix. The machine is merely a vessel. I experimented with different mixes until I was able to get the taste I wanted. Just following the standard mix recipe may not give you the best tasting ice cream. Over-all this is a great performing machine at a great price.
Luis Auza Luis Auza
It does what it promises, it lasts long!
Ok, so I read the other reviews. Here is what you need to know: this machine does what you expect it to do: it makes soft serve. Things to consider: 1) You NEED TO CLEAN THE MACHINE, or it will stop working. It literally says "CL" = clean when it needs a cleaning. You must maintain it by opening, and adding Taylor food grade lubricant to the pieces, all of the pieces. 2) use it and clean it daily, empty it and run water through it maybe 3 to 4 times to clean all the spools. Lastly, consult a technician when the compressor dies, or other issues arise. Like a car, you need to maintain certain pieces. You don't need the manufacturer to do it for you, just get a local technician. After a while the compressor, or the machinery will decay and you need to have some pieces replaced and such. It's like buying a vehicle. Don't expect it to plug and give you ice cream magically with nothing breaking down. Oh, and please use high quality soft serve. It must be soft when you pour it in. Don't let it be icy in the basket. Pour and wait 10-15 min to refrigerate. By the way, this is the STANDARD on ANY machine that does this. It's not magic. It's a machine. Let it do it's job and treat it right. If in doubt use a guide on Youtube on how to operate ICEtro and Taylor machines. They work almost the same way. I used two of these in my business with great success. Patience People!
John John
Good product, fair price, follow instructions for Assy and make sure you clean it after your finished at the end of the day
Isela Isela
I love it
Hard to clean but it’s perfect for a business
Excellent machine. Perfect size for our church. It arrived via freight, and the truck driver graciously brought the skid right into the fellowship all for us! We used the new machine within a week and the church families LOVED the ice cream! Great purchase for our church!
Karen Stone Karen Stone
Great value.
It is easy to clean, we do it in 15 minutes
Marilyn Raggs Marilyn Raggs
Amazing on day one....
The Set up for these machines is really easy
Linda Lee Linda Lee
Ice a plenty
Excellent. Very happy with product.
Malcom Williams Malcom Williams
Owner Oak Ridge Snack Shack
For the price this product is a good value. The only complaint I have is the recovery time. We sell a 12 oz and a 16 oz cup. You can only get 2 16 oz cups before you have to wait 5 min for recovery. I am satisfied with the ease of cleaning and operation. Let’s see how long it last. The instruction book has a lot to be desired for operation.
txbamagirl txbamagirl
Legit Son!
Easy to clean and maintain

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