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Peter Wood Peter Wood
Great raw materials, but expect to spend money and time making it actually work
Think of this as a kit of raw materials: it'll require additional hardware, some basic metalworking skills, and a lot of patience to install. But it's a great jumping-off point to craft an custom fence for your table saw.CONS:- You'll want to buy new measuring tape. What comes installed is only left-to-right, and doesn't allow you to place the fence to the left of the blade- The heads of the mounting bolts are too tall and the fence can't clear them.- Plan for *lots* of DIY time to make this workPROS:- Comes with a drill bit and tap for your own custom mounting- Four screws allow for fine tuning to get the fence level and square- Fence moves freely when unlocked, and is solid when lockedI wanted to use this on a Craftsman 113 with a custom table surround. It took a lot of trial-and-error to get the rail to be the correct height, and it didn't line up with any holes in my cast factory table.If you have or can buy extra hardware, metal drill bits, clamps, levels, and a good dose of patience, you should be able to get this system to work for you. Considering the next option was double the cost, I was willing to put in some "sweat equity." But if you're hoping for a system that works out of the box, I'd look elsewhere.
Jose Jose
It’s OK
It’s OK to install haven’t used it yet
DeVere Inman DeVere Inman
It'll work, but you have to work for it.
Okay, so, I do think I'm going to really love this new fence once I get going, but let me tell you a bit about this fence.The good things:*It's pretty sturdy metal construction and the fence itself is actually stronger than I feared it might be.*By a happy accident, the hole that was supposed to let the fence run along a back rail actually positions perfectly over my t track, so I was able to add a t track bolt for extra stability when making multiple cuts of the same length.*The locking mechanism is really strong but easy to release when you want to. I'm not worried about it going anywhere.Now the bad things:*The pictures below show the only directions given to assemble and install this. (Yeah. Basically nothing.)*The hardware that was included to install the fence not only don't actually fit, but if by some miracle you could actually get the bolts through, you couldn't use the washers included, and even if you could use the washers, the bolt head itself would render the fence immovable. (So I had to improvise.)*The fence, when attached in the predrilled and countersunk metal fabricated holes with the appropriate screws provided means that there is no play for squaring the fence with the base- which would be totally fine.... If they had made sure it was square to begin with. So! That's not a problem because they include leveling points at the top and front of the fence base so you can square it up on your table. Which...would be great if they had a way to level both sides of it. So... I improved again with the washer and painters tape trick until I got it zeroed in.*Nice long measuring tape on it that has both imperial and metric. Unfortunately, it's not in a place that makes it very useful to zero in because it's put I. The wrong place. (Guess I'll be buying a new sticky measuring tape to put on it.All in all, I'm going to use the crap out of this, and when it comes down to the final amount spent it's still far cheaper than the fence I hope to upgrade to eventuall
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Jessica C. Jessica C.
I’m very pleased with purchase
When I was looking to purchase a new fence for the table I am building I was unsure of whether I needed the the smaller size or the larger size one for this order fact is I could’ve use the larger size one because you do not have to have it connected on both sides I’m very pleased with the purchase although one of the screws did have a manufacturing issue and was unable to be used to hold the magnifying glass on but that was easily fixed
Daniel Daniel
Custom fence
I agree with the other comments that the instructions are not very detailed but I was installing it in a custom application. Their instructions didn���t matter. I installed it on a Kobalt job site saw. I like the saw except for the horrible fence. The kit includes the hardware and a drill bit and tap to make it fit whatever you need. I did need to extend my table to use the full 36��� to the right. Take your time and plan the installation and there should be no problem with it.
Richard Guy Richard Guy
wasnt expecting much, for $100. only reason i got it is that Amazon makes it so easy to return stuff didnt see how i could get hurt. its on a ridgid 4512 contractors saw. it is a massive improvement over factory. instructions {couple pictures} suck. if you have any common sense youll get it. ole J.B. and crew nailed this one.
Charles Charles
Good buy.
I like this product but wish they had use thicker material on the attachment rails. But for this super low price you can't complain as you can not buy the materials and build a steel fence for this cost.
Earl Earl
Great table saw fence
I had modified my tables saw station and needed a new fence. It is very well made and easy to setup. Super value for the price, it can be adjusted to slide smoothly.
This will not fit a 57' wide table.
Accuracy in description is important!!! This fence will only fit a 50" wide table not 57" as described.I built my custom 72" x 57" table with the intention of purchasing and installing this fence at a later date based on the measurements given in image ended up being a mistake because my table ended up being 7" too wide.Image #7 shows the measurement between the front and back rails as the distance to be 57", it does not accommodate for the 7" of the 57" lost due to the width of the front and rear guide rails.The manufacturer needs to specify the maximum width of the table the fence can span when installed which is 50".I will have to insert an 9" extension block of wood into the end of the fence rail to make this fence work as intended.
Tracy A. Tracy A.
Most importantly .. better packaging is a must!
Folks, the packaging is just down right pathetic at best! So know this, your fence surface will no doubt be scuffed and dented to a degree... But come on... The value for this quality is frankly awesome... Just touch it up and live with it when in comparison with anything on today's market... Give vevor a chance, doubt you could diy it cheaper!

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