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Julia P Julia P
White 14 inch
Great wheel for the price
As far as budget wheels go, this one is great for the price. I watched several reviews by more advance potters and settled on this one. I have been going to class for a year and wanted my own but not for a high cost. This particular model was great because it had the bigger wheel head, more powerful motor and adjustable height. The pedal is my biggest criticism, as it has trouble fully stopping, but putting the wheel in betray remedies this. But this is knit picking as the cost is so low. It is a plastic pedal so I was able to sand down the bottom of the pedal where it hits the base, so it shut off better. There had been some improvement with the wear. But honestly it is more solid than I expected! And no assembly. For the price it is a great budget wheel.
amy lindgren amy lindgren
White 11 inch
Great for price
This wheel is amazing for the price, it arrived clean with all the parts, it ran straight. I’ve used it for a couple months with no issues. Keep in mind a basic electric wheel normally runs around $1500, so you will have to learn to live with its quirks. It’s a little noisy, and it does slow down a bit when you press down hard to center your clay. I turn it up all the way when centering to help with this. It doesn’t feel like it has a full 3/4 horse motor, but works well enough for smaller pieces. You’ll have to drill holes for the little bolts that anchor the bats. The bolts don’t come with it, I ordered some separately.
love to move love to move
Blue 14 inch
Great wheel
I was worried this would not be great based on the price point. I have Ben using multiple times a week for several months - It is fantastic!!! I am a new potter - could not justify the $1,000 + wheel. It is very quiet and comes with every tool you will need. Highly recommend
Jared Chmielecki Jared Chmielecki
White 11 inch
Not even close to 450w, but it does work for 3-4 lb of clay
I can stop the wheel by pressing hard on it. Squeezing clay while centering slows it down noticeably. Top speed is about 30% lower than I would like. With that all said, it works well enough to throw 3-4 lb at a time. I have only thrown one 25lb bag so far, but it is holding up fine so far.I used a kilawatt meter to see what power it draws with the motor at max speed and me dragging it to near stall and it is not even 100 watts.
spike spike
great little wheel, plenty powerful. i learned on a big college studio wheel and it only took a little bit of playing around to adjust to this one. im really fond of it so far! the surface is rougher than im used to, but doesnt hurt my hands and the texture helps the clay to stick. comes with foot pedal and some tools. the settings are easy to use, machine is easy to put together, easy to clean!
White 14 inch
So far, a good beginner wheel, with a few quirks
I have been taking a pottery class at the local art center, and wanted to be able to throw at home to make my class time more productive. Like most students, I wasn't ready to invest $700-$1500+ in a professional wheel, so I began exploring other options. I chose this wheel because of the larger wheel size and the more powerful motor, as well as the adjustable legs and reversible motor (I am a lefty).The wheel comes in at 13.5 inches, not the stated 14". No bat pins (though I knew this going in). I will be adding bat pins in the near future. I don't really like the feeling of the grooves of the wheel when my hands make contact with it. It feels abrasive, like a friction burn, if I keep contact longer than a few seconds, and I prefer bats, so this was really an upgrade I was expecting to make, anyway.I was able to adjust the leg height using a vice grip, but it wasn't effortless to get the pins out or back in the new position. The adjustment only gave me about 3+ extra inches of height, which still makes it necessary to purchase concrete blocks to get a good working height (so if the adjustable legs are the reason driving your purchase, this feature won't matter much in the end).I have not figured out how to make the splash tray snap together while on the wheel, though it does go together when it's off the wheel. I have used painter's tape to keep the gaps closed, and to be honest, I would rather do this than try to figure out how it goes together, since it kind of works for me. It takes only a few seconds to tape, and I don't have to struggle with the splash tray while removing or replacing.Even with the more powerful motor, the wheel doesn't spin as fast as the professional wheels I learned on, but definitely fast enough so I can throw anything I want effectively. I don't throw large heavy items, but this wheel has no trouble handling 3 lbs of clay, which is the largest thing I've thrown on it, and it probably can take much more. I don't know how the larger m
Elena D. Elena D.
White 14 inch
a good starter wheel, seems to be of high quality
All in all a good wheel so far. I have not thrown anything on it yet but it seems powerful and fast. The pedal is plastic but seems to be of high quality. It’s much more sensitive than the Pacifica wheels we used at my old studio. The plastic basin is a hard and thick plastic but my main complaint is that it’s hard to put together and you have to use quite a bit of force. I’m kind of scared it’ll break/snap. the wheel head is also a bit sharp and doesn’t come with bat pins. I may need to sand down the wheel since the aluminum grooves may cut my hand as I’m centering. I will also have to drill bat holes myself but that’s alright. All in all a great wheel.. seems to do the job but only time will tell with how it holds up. A good investment piece
Liz Harrison Liz Harrison
Blue 11 inch
Very nice machine.
It is sturdy, runs well. I would say the splash pan is on the cheap side but for the money this was well worth it to learn on. I did put blocks under it to raise the height. Foot pedal is so tall you can’t get knees even without some height.
MichiganisWonderful MichiganisWonderful
Blue 11 inch
Works great
I bought this for my 21 year old daughter who had a little experience from art class in college. This worked great and it was fun to use. Dependable and absolutely no complaints. Spins great, feels solid and professional.
Blue 11 inch
Great choice!
Surprised our daughter with this for her birthday. This wheel is great for beginners. Comes with some plastic detailing tools as well. It’s low to the ground so having some blocks to raise it up will help save your back. Great buy, especially for the price.

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