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Steve Paul Steve Paul
Excellent for cleaning vinyl records
I purchased this cleaner to restore my vinyl album collection - works great - had to modify the record turning assy as to make the records stand up straight so the fluid would be the same level on the front and back album ( it leaned in making the outside record sit lower than the inside record)
Randy L. Randy L.
15 L
Give this Technology a Try
I bought this primarily to clean guns. It did not disappoint. It does not clean barrel interiors very well, but everything else is spotless. I tossed the parts of 7 guns into the basket and let it run for 45 minutes. I had to run patches through the barrels and lube all the rest. Easiest post shooting cleaning day I’ve ever had!I even put a slide I have with damaged blueing in it and expected to pull out garbage. It did not appear to exacerbate the damaged blueing at all.I love this ultrasonic cleaner. No bells or whistles, just enough to get the job done.I did use tap hot water to begin with and the machine’s heating function to support temperature maintenance over time. This could be an important detail.
Leif Leif
10 L
Would recommend
I like this product. Was exactly what the seller described and it works for me as a hobbiest/mechanic
dakaz dakaz
Great job with cleaning and great value
I���m happy with the size and capabilities of this us machine. I thought the analog timer would work well but I think digital option might be better. At least I don���t think it will malfunction as easily as digital though. Does a very good job of cleaning records w distilled water and a few drops of record cleaning fluid. I have used on approximately 10 albums so far. Helps eliminate virtually any pops on my new vinyl. Annoying that new vinyl is so dirty and hard to eliminate pops with just a disc washer. This machine eliminates virtually all noise and pops. Very happy now.
J. Sanders J. Sanders
Works well
I am using this primarily for Records. The record unit add on is RIDICULOUSLY overpriced and I had to buy an inexpensive voltage regulator to slow it down. I wish it spanned the bath to get the records into the middle where all the transducers would hit them, but it does not. As it is, it works well, I just think it could be a lot betterSo far I've done about a hundred LP's. Visually it makes them look almost new. It will not remove greasy fingerprints, but the background pops have definitely been reduced substantiallyA degritter probably works better, but I don't have 3k to spend on it.Still working on a DIY formula, but even distilled water and a wetting agent really work well
Curtis Ashcroft Curtis Ashcroft
10 L
This thing works great. Super easy to use, maintains heat well and a 30 minute cycle time is usually all that's required to thoroughly clean anything you put into it. Only regret is that I didn't get a larger one.
Ken Ken
30 L
Mulch larger than expected! Have used it on jewelry & it did a wonderful job. Used heat & timer. Worked perfect. Will definitely hold larger items.
Ben Ben
Great value for the price
For the price this setup is easy to use and does a good job cleaning records. We purchased a large lot of very badly treated records and this setup did a great job of quickly cleaning the dust and particles stuck in the records. Takes about 5-10 min (depending on how dirty) to clean 3 records at a time.
Piros 1 Piros 1
30 L
Ultrasonic cleaner
Seems well made but can’t give a qualified rating since I have not used the item yet.
Tummydoc Tummydoc
3 L
works great on carburetors
I bought this mainly to clean carbs on small engines. This works great, and the price is fantastic. Instead of a digital timer it is a spring loaded nob, but works fine. Carburetors clean up well and engines run smoothly. I use dilute Krud Cutter. The 3 litter size is fine for small engine repair.

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