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Courtney Russell Courtney Russell
Well working machine but terrible packaging!
This milking machine is an easy to use and very good working machine. The only problem was the packaging. The pressure gauge was completely busted and was sitting at the bottom of the box unwrapped and the milk jug stand had a huge dent in it. If you don’t care about a few busted thing and is just looking for a cheap good working machine this is the one to get. But beware that if you do buy this product you have working with and set up other miller’s because it has zero instructions on how to set it up.
David Pritchard David Pritchard
Easy to use and clean
We use this daily on one Guernsey cow. Milks her out in about 8-10 minutes. Pretty easy to set up and use. I cannot get all four suction cups on cows teats by myself but my husband is able to.
Alexis Roman Alexis Roman
Works great
Works like a charm. I don’t use it for house milk but for milking out the cows for calves it works great. Milks so fast.
Juan Rivera rosario Juan Rivera rosario
Saved so much time
The milker works amazingly I have used it twice a day for the last month. No problems except can be difficult to clean but other than that it’s amazing and saves so much time and saves my hands!
john smith john smith
Great milking machine!!!
This makes milking our nanny goat much easier, and takes less time. If you struggle with movement in your hands, this takes the pressure off them. The motor is a little noisy, depending on what surface you place it on. It took our goat a little while to get used to the noise and the cups being placed on her teets. But she now doesn't mind, I would recommand this item.
Julie D Jordan Julie D Jordan
This machine has really been a benefit to our farm. Milking is hard on my hands. Now I just attach the cups and the Hantop Milker does the work for me. I guarantee any questions or hiccups you might encounter will be well taken care of by Hantop's superb customer service. Don't waste your money on any other machine. This is the real deal.
TRULY LOVE this machine for or cows
I must say , I was not sure if I should purchase this machine because all the reviews were mostly about goats and I bought it yo milk a Jersey cow.
Connie Bruce Connie Bruce
Amazing machine
Make sure the seal is dry when using it otherwise it may come off and break the air seal. (No suction) I rarely make review but am so impressed with this machine that I want everyone to know how awesome it is. Glad to be done with hand milking.
Jay S. Jay S.
Great time and hand saver
This is my first time milking goats and my goat’s first foray into motherhood so we’ve had our struggles. To be able to have someone else milk my daughter and I, who co own the small herd, decided we each needed a milking machine. With a limited budget and no power source in my barn I decided to try the Hantop battery machine. My daughter ordered the same pricey model that a friend with lots of goats uses.
Fernando Fernando
Keep it clean and dry and it works excellent we love it , I highly recommend it
Great suction, pretty easy to clean ,easy to use, we milk 2 cows every morning and every evening and get a gallon and a half to 2 Gallon per cow per milking It is 3 times faster than hand milking my cows gave a gallon more with the machine then when they were hand milked

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