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Kayla Kayla
Does the job I need it to do
Makes my job easier but wish I would have got the double tank one instead
Michelle C. Michelle C.
Very good product. Just a little noisey.
I am very pleased with this product. The only reason why I didn’t give it 5 stars is because it is a little loud when running. It took a few days for my Jersey to get used to the noise. Once I started using it on her, it works like a charm! Very pleased with this product and I would highly recommend it to anyone. On a side note, the instructions it comes with aren’t very detailed on the assembly. But I was able to figure it out by looking at the pictures.
Sarah S Sarah S
Efficient machine. Instruction manual is very basic, set up hoses by looking at pictures. Other instructions are complete enough for basic operation.Bolt from main crank arm fell off after 3 uses and was very challenging to reconnect.Possible to run machine as one operator so long as enough surface to cover suction cups and create pressure.Easy to maintain and transport when not in use with wheels. Machine is very heavy, box said over 70lbs and the main machine is easily that.
Mary Freeman Mary Freeman
Good product
Worked great after we figured it out. Cleaning is a little difficult.
Tracie Adams Tracie Adams
Manolo dominguez mendez Manolo dominguez mendez
Buena succion
Exelente productos trabaja muy bien sin problema de nada
Anne Marie Hutchens Anne Marie Hutchens
Easy to use
Had no trouble using.
Joel O. Joel O.
Took a while to receive, be patient
Very happy with my purchase
Benson Mangs Benson Mangs
Great machine and tip to make it even easier
This is a great machine. We only have one cow, but it really made our lives easier because she was not easy to milk. Initially we had trouble keeping the pressure up and getting the nozzles To make it even easier, we bought 4 3/4" plugs (see image) from the plumbing store, inserting them in the milk claw, then turning the machine on. It was a lot easier to keep the pressure up rather than trying to bend the tubes over to eliminate the airflow. Put the plugs in the milk claw before turning the machine on, then take them out one at a time before attaching to each teat. An inexpensive way to make the job easier. Be sure to measure to make sure they are the right size, or buy a couple sizes so they are tight enough to block the airflow.
Paul Paul
Simple goat milking machine
Works great! Use it to milk dairy goats at home and st shows. Recently saw a Jersey breeder using one to milk his cows at a cattle show.

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