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This is a great product.
This fabric is strong and will not tear, and is easy to work with. If your goal is to keep dirt and other small debris out of the rock in a french drain type project, and yet still allow for water to flow through, this is the product for you. I am sure it has many other uses as well and should last for many years to come.
Darren Buckle Darren Buckle
Impressive fabric
This stuff was much thicker than I expected, and very strong. I had to poke holes in it with a scissors to use my landscaping staples. I didn’t have my pavers when we leveled the area for the patio, and I covered the dirt with this fabric. We had rain a few times, and we walked on the fabric before, during and after the rain and the mud never came through. When we compacted the area, we did it over the fabric, and it never tore. We finally have the patio installed, and I am pretty confident this will do its job!
Chris Pyke Chris Pyke
Easy to work with
I used the geotextile 8 oz under a pebble layer to prevent soil erosion from rain runoff under a corner of my roof. There's been one very heavy rain since putting in the pebbles. The geotextile drained very well and kept the pebbles from sinking into the very sandy soil. This is the first time I used it and the installation is still new, so I cannot speak to the durability of the geotextile.
Janis Elkerton Janis Elkerton
Excellent Quality
The appropriate fabric for a french drain at an excellent price point. Thank you for the high-quality product shipped to my doorstep. I tested the water flow rate, and it was superb while not allowing debris to clog my drain. I will buy it again and recommend it to others.
roderick roderick
Great product, great service!
Thanks for the speedy delivery! I have an ongoing project, drainage fill and the Guy with a Bobcat were scheduled. I ordered your ground cover material at the last minute and I received it before the project began! The material is durable enough for a Bobcat to lay rocks and DID NOT RIP! I was concerned it would be difficult for me to lay out by myself but it was not. I was able to handle the 100 foot bundle and unfold it in place in about 15 minutes. It cuts easily with a sharp box cutter, folded correctly and not as heavy as it looks. Thanks for a great product at a great price! Feel free to send me product emails in the future.
Tyler L Zenon Tyler L Zenon
High quality durable fabric
The fabric was very easy to layout and trim. Nice and thick. Water passes through quickly. The staples went in quickly and secured the fabric to the wood frame for a garden shed pad. Very pleased and would definitely purchase it again. Highly recommend it.
Robert Beattie Robert Beattie
Worked well installing french drain
Laid this 4oz 4' X 100' fabric in trench, then installed 4" PVC surrounded by #2 washed river rock and folded/overlapped fabric over the top into a "burrito". Good fabric -worked great.
Joe Hayes Joe Hayes
Good woven fabric.
I read all the reviews and this cloth was amazing i tested it before we put it in the ground and water flowed quickly thru the fabric. i wrapped the entire french drain with it and had enough to fold over on top.. it is working and i am completely pleased, for once i found something that was as good as it said it was!!!! kudos!!!!! company wanted 3,000$ to put french drain in 50 feet, i did myself with this fabric and total cost pipe and cloth and stone 200$$$
john d vierstra john d vierstra
this product is the real geo textile for french drains super thick.
Very heavy, woven fabric. Doesn’t tear easily at all. I would purchase again
James C. James C.
Great for French drain install
Bought this geotextile for a French drain install on my property. It worked great, allowing water through and the dirt out so nothing contaminated the stone or plugs the perforated corrugated pipe. I also put solid pipe in the trench for my downspouts. Burrito wrapped it all and came out perfect. Better than what I found in the local stores.

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