Amko Amko
Good choice
Very quiet, easy to install. I would buy it again.
Mark Mark
Quite a bit of Teflon
A small leak on the output had to reseal a few times using it for a recirc on a wood boiler worked all season without issue pumping 190° Rusty dirty water. can't beat it for the price point
James Herter James Herter
Fast Delivery
I'm giving this 4 stars because it looks like Vevor doesn't post any reviews less than 4 stars. The plastic electrical control box was cracked open in shipment. Emails and messages left on Velor's contact us page about this problem have all gone unanswered. Phone calls have gone to a full mailbox. I have given up on any support from Vevor. I guess I will someday fiberglass over the electrical box and see if there are any more problems. I won't be buying any more products from Vevor.
Non Stop Horizon Non Stop Horizon
Good quality
Good quality water pressure pump little noisy a nigh so I add smart plug and only turn it on when I needed
BARBRA Daugherty BARBRA Daugherty
Great item and super fast delivery
This worked very well and my husband got it super quick
C W Benton C W Benton
Low amperage and very quiet
Works great... I used it for a homemade solar pool heater...
Darlene M Wood Darlene M Wood
Good pump
Requires water pressure to work. Not able to use it for my intended purpose.
Vevor Customer Vevor Customer
Don't over think installation. It is simple and straightforward.
It was easier than anticipated to install.
Busybuy Busybuy
Great price and feels likes heavy duty pump
Excellent product for my hot water recirculation system. Very quiet. Pump got very hot on one incident with my downstream shutoff valve closed. The pump survived and it is still operates quietly everyday.
Rick Johnson Rick Johnson
If you leave it in Manual mode it runs quietly, in standby, until you use the hot water then it speeds up. In this mode, you will truly always have instant hot (warm) water at the tap. Need to use with comfort valve under the sink furthest away from the hot water heater. If you put it in AUTO mode it will only run when you turn on the hot water. This shortens the time for the hot water to get to the tap but not instant hot water like if you leave it in manual.

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