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VEVOR Customer VEVOR Customer
Almost fantastic, lightweight sturdy bench with a few flaws
Overall I think this is a good bench. It is well packed and came complete and undamaged and was easy to assemble. It is extremely light weight, I easily carried the box in with one hand. The leg design supports the shelves on the legs directly - so the assembly hardware is not weight bearing.It could have been great but a few cost cutting measures made it less than ideal. It is not anodized, so the finish is relatively soft and scratches easily. The assembly hardware is steel, so can rust and does not include lock washers (this is easily remedied). It is -slightly- too light gauge - it is fit for the purpose but if it were just a smidge thicker I would prefer it. Most of the edges are fine but the holes in the bench are punched through from the top side, which leaves a slightly sharp edge on the underside. It's fine on the top, but if you have kids that are going to put their fingers through holes (e.g. normal kids) then you may want to deburr them.
R. Singer R. Singer
these are completely different products: Potting is Bench is Great.
The potting bench is perfect and exactly as described. The issue with the reviews is there are multiple completely different items. Some of which seem to get many poor reviews which then reflect on all of them.The potting bench is all aluminum so you don't need to worry about water and weathering. It is a great size. Nice and deep for multiple trays of plants & seedlings. 2 shelves and enough space below the 2nd to put additional plants. Design with holes in the horizontal surfaces is great for this use.It is made of shiny aluminum. If you use it for potting, plants, it is going to get scratched. It also came with some minor scuffing from shipment. If you're using it for a potting bench this shouldn't be a big deal.Strength is very good. This definitely will work loaded up with plants.
Enrique Monreal Enrique Monreal
Sturdy, well built potting bench.
Once you set the shelves onto the hook supports it got sturdy. The bag fit exactly as stated on the hooks provided. A very well thought out product with no issues.
Roy Klein Roy Klein
Pretty and practical
I have many houseplants and always used the kitchen counter when I needed to repot them. I finally took the plunge and bought this potting bench. It's pretty enough to to keep Inside your home. The lower shelf holds my potting supplies. I purchased a plastic boot tray for the top tray to keep mess to a minimum. I chose not to use the bag accessory. I highly recommend this product
Kathy B Kathy B
Beautiful potting stand!
I love this stand and it is even nicer in person. Was super easy to set up and have been enjoying it so much. I am not using is as a potting stand but for a stand on my front porch to decorate and change for every season! Very sturdy and a reasonable price. Love it!!
Gabriel Borba Gabriel Borba
Exactly as shown
I like the look of this very much. It was easy to assemble (completely intuitive, no need for any instructions.) Substantial and sturdy. It should withstand the elements outdoors. My only complaint is the built in bag. It does not snugly fit and stay in place when it is empty. It is likely to blow away in a good wind.
nathan kainec nathan kainec
I LOVE my Plant stand!
This item is just wonderful, so ez to put together and use to pot and transplant into containers. I absolutely LOVE it!!! Good deal for the $.
Great value for money.
Using as potting table. Very easy to put together, not one piece broken! Based on other reviews I was a tad concerned about that. Will cover in a water repellent paint.
Al Merino Al Merino
Double duty outdoor bench/table
I love anything multi-function. This potting bench will be great for potting plants, but that only happens a few times per season. Other than that, and more often, it will be a functional piece of furniture when we grill and entertain outside - for setting platters, serving, and storing the grilling gear. Love the metal counter top as it seems more durable than just wood. If I could give half stars I would rate it at 4-1/2 (based on some of the extra work we had to put into it), but I'm happy to give 5 stars because we really love it! We did some extra work to it, some of it based on other reviews. We sealed it with a waterproof sealer before assembly since it will sit outside. We upgraded the drawer handle and put a knob on the door just to look a little better. The only downside to this bench was that it came with two pieces where the wood split, so before sealing and assembly there was gluing and clamping of the splits. My husband did the assembly on his own and said he was pleasantly surprised that ALL the pre-drilled screw holes lined up perfectly! So, even though we put a little extra work into, for the price point we feel it's a very good value and the extra steps enhanced the look of it and, honestly, did not take up much extra time.
Leeann Eagle Leeann Eagle
perfect for patio grill station
We cannot have gas grills by HOA and local rules on an enclosed patio--I live on top floor. So I bought a smokeless grill (PowerXL--great product ) and this planter table from Yaheetech and converted it into an outdoor grill/cooking station. Easy to put together, I stained it 2 different colors to match my decor-added lighting under to counter--set up my smokeless grill--added some nice wall decor and viola! Perfect.

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