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Craig Reitsma Craig Reitsma
great way to learn
Easy to assemble. Easy to learn. And lots of fun. Really fits in well with all my 3d printing. I have had it alm6a year now and still works great
humberto castillo humberto castillo
Got it, built it, love it!
Great deal and works great!
Christian Bailey Christian Bailey
Solid parts, Unbeatable price
Does not come with instructions, and I had a major problem with the GRBL that was flashed to the board. The price of the kit is unbeatable and I absolutely love the Cronos board made from steel, once I changed the GRBL I no longer had what was my only problem. Highly recommended if you have your heart set on a mini GRBL cnc
Tony Burton Tony Burton
This product is a great value for what it can do.
I like how you can make signs real quick with being a novice with this machine. The software with this is product is widely used. It is a fun past time making engravings with this machine.AB
David S. David S.
Exceeded Expectations
This is a rugged CNC that is just the right size. I really like it. The only downside was the directions...there wasn't any except a video that was not even understandable. But have no fear. There are several how to assemble videos on YouTube that make putting this together a breeze. The machine worked right away after I got it put together. I even made something the first day. To use any CNC machine requires skill to get great results. This machine can definitely give you great results if you practice your skills. Totally worth the buy. After this review I am going to buy the laser version too. You can use it for laser to because the mother board has a connection for it. I love this machine already and it is at home in your home or shop because it really is the perfect size. If they had good directions that came with it this would literally be a perfect product. Don't let the low price fool you....the low price is a remarkable thing and is why I am going to buy another. The quality and capability of it is pro quality. It all comes down to knowing how to use it. If you get bad results it is actually your fault and not the machine. But don't worry, you will sharpen your skills in no time and this is the perfect machine to do so with. Consumer or pro use it is up to you. This machine can handle both no problem.
David P David P
Excellent with some caviats...
Overall: Absolutely love the simplicity of this design. For the price it is an excellent system. Of course, don't expect to match a $10,000 system though. There are a couple of short comings to the design. First and probably the weakest point is the anti-backlash springs. They are way too weak. When you purchase this system also purchase TWO of the cheap anti backlash T8-4 (2mm pitch with 2 starts) nut assemblies. Use the springs from those sets instead of the ones included in this kit. Secondly, the design relies on the stepper motor's bearings--this is bad. You can partially fix this by purchasing 8mm locking rings. You only need two but they appear to come in sets of 10. Mount them snugly against the bearing on the far side of the T8 screws so as to apply pressure back into the motor. This isn't the best of solutions but it does help.Modification: Consider purchasing 500mm long 10mm chrome steel rods and a 500mm T8-4 (2mm pitch with 2 starts) and a couple of pieces of the 20mm x 20mm linear rail each cut to about 520mm. Longer won't hurt and a little shorter just means you won't be able to extend the axis quite as much (2cm less). With these parts you can end up with a system with a working field of about 12"(305mm) x 16"(406mm). I've done this mod using 600mm parts and it still works well. If doing this mod one MUST be aware that overloading the chrome steel rods will bend them! Slow down your vertical (plunge) feed rate so as to minimize the forces on those rods.
Excellent price/product desktop CNC for beginner
Exceeded expectations. assembly was easy, machine works very well! Great value.

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