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Jonathan C Haney Jonathan C Haney
My Experience log
First off this is my first CNC routing machine so what I provide here is just factual observations as I begin exploring my new hobby.Inventory review:1. The mainboard: a. Identical to description photo! b. Confirmed A4988 Drivers which are easily replaceable.2. Steppers: a. All axis use steppers 42BYGH34H-2A-13D 1.8Deg 1.3A3. 1x ER Collet Size: 1/84. 1x ER11 coupler 5mm5. 10x VBits: 3.175mm 30Deg 0.1mm6. All plastic parts are injection molded7. Colored manual with part inventory and steps8. 1x Strange desk lamp9. 24v 5A power brick with US plug10. 10mm Linear Rods11. All axis equiped with antibacklash nut and spring12. No endstops or Z probe hardware (as expected)Additional thoughts for MFG:1. An ALL METAL option to replace all plastic parts2. Motor upgrade option
Luis Pineda Luis Pineda
This is so much fun!
Your browser does not support HTML5 video. Ok, it took me quite a while to assemble it, I'm not gonna lie, I wasn't prepared for that many screws LOL, but hey, it was easy enough if you can follow the TEXTLESS Instruction Manual!!!!, anyways, assembly apart, it worked perfectly right away, no trouble at all, I haven't tested with every material, but i made a small Plastic carve with 2 of the demos they included on the MicroSD and well, it is quite precise, no complaints about that, but For Innos!, put some text on those Manuals, also, why did you forgot the electric assembly part? it goes as far as telling you to mount every metal piece but the logic board connectors? i was able to "Assume" what went where but I'm telling you, some other people may not and would take 1 extra page top, also i had to wear away a little bit the drill itself because the "5mm" thingi that holds the blade didn't fit at first, i saw a video where the guy just slide it easily, but was not my case, anyway, as I said, assembly apart, this thing works amazingly well and it looks so nice next to my 3d Printer, tho I will have to set them apart because of the debris.I will still give the 5 Sars because the product itself is worth them.
Matthew Empringham Matthew Empringham
Great CNC Machine
Vevor CNC Machine is amazing for the price. So far I have etched plexiglass and milled wood and it is so easy to work with. So glad I made this purchase.
Robert Nielsen Robert Nielsen
The CNC machine was great, customer service is lousy
Machine worked fantastic for about three weeks. Then the control board went out and I was told by customer service that I had to buy another one myself and would be reimbursed. What customer service does that? I did buy one on my own and had to have it installed, Vevor did pay for my purchase and a little more. Don't think I will ever purchase from Vevor again.
Mitchell Mitchell
Works as advertised
Great for learning how to use a cnc, the spindle has runout
Anand RK Anand RK
Got what I wanted
I wanted to have a xy plotter and I didn't want to spend time in ordering bits and pieces. Once I received the box I have contacted the seller and I got all the instructions to assemble the machine. It had a test file that worked well. Now there are no instructions on how to create more of such files. Anyway my use the case was to use is as a xy coordinate positioner. That served the purpose. The software can do that.
Vicki E Vicki E
Love it
Awesome machine
B. Dugan B. Dugan
Great Buy
Great CNC for the price. Everything you need to get started is included.
Andrew Perkins Andrew Perkins
Good first step into CNC.
Thought I would have to ream out all the nuts when I started, but picking up another pair I found I just had one bolt that was misthreaded. Fortunately there were extras.Recommend a muffin tin to hold all the parts. Purchase a square if you don't have one. Also, if you're not near your computer, print out the instructions. There are several YouTube videos out there, be sure to watch the one that closely matches yours.It went together well, and the software worked okay.Improvements would include having zero stop switches, and hardened tools, as mine stripped out fast.Looking forward to making a couple of upgrades, including the aforementioned zero stop switches, a cover for the board, and other printable upgrades. Came with a cute battery operated light, too. Can come in handy.
recardo matias recardo matias
Crap what this is
If you are not technically inclined.. don't buy. But if your are it's works it's a fun CnC machine to build. Just need to find design program that you don't have to convert the G- code. Otherwise they back the equipment.

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