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Timothy Rogne Timothy Rogne
Working well as an XY positioning stage
Like others, it did take a request to customer service to obtain the correct build instructions, but the reply was fast with the correct support package emailed in less than 24 hours. The stepper motor drivers provide an adjustment for each axis which was needed to get the motors to operate smoothly, but I was quickly controlling with G-code and learning about GRBL settings (the GRBL_Settings_Pocket_Guide_Rev_B.pdf was a helpful find). I can't speak to the Windows S/W supplied, but the kit was a quick build and it works as I expected.
Sheri Kelly Sheri Kelly
3018 Cnc Machine Laser Engraver For Wood Leather Plastic?
I just bought this 2 months ago. I just put it together recently. I have not used it yet because there's alot of software to it. I want to watch videos about how to use it before I start it up. Great price and quick shipping though.
Roberto Landino Roberto Landino
Amazing machine
Still have not use it due I do not have a proper space yet, but after watching different videos about this machine, I think I will love it once I see it working.
Kyle Jones Kyle Jones
Haven't been able to putt it together yet
Robert Girard Robert Girard
Great machine
Easy Assembly I've had mainly bought fox alien CNC but the quality in vevor was much stonger
Matthew Eby Matthew Eby
Just what I needed. Worked out of the box. Not impressed with Mach3 for the controlling program but it works.
Scott Kaiser Scott Kaiser
Good product
Great product,I have already got friends to buy hoping to get the 3018 laser in graver next. The support was great and swift to answer my questions. Great job
wildcat99s wildcat99s
Happy with the product after some minor modifications
This was my first CNC machine, but i have a lot of experience with machines in general. I'm happy with my purchase, but for $220 it's not perfect, but it has potential, and there's very little instructions. If you are new to CNC and Gcode, don't plan on plugging in and engraving something immediately. It includes the basic run software, but you have to have a drawing/editing program to create what you want to cut or engrave. personally i used Inkscape, and had to watch many many videos on how to use it, and many trial cuts to get it figured out and a week later, i'm cutting out some acrylic beautifully.Down to the nuts and bolts. While it does arrive pre-assembled, understand it's probably thrown together on a warped bench with little squareness, and the bolts holding the carriage was barely tightened. I played around trying to tram it and square it for 2 days before i gave up and took everything apart, measured everything and put it together the way it should be. What i discovered was the Z rail rods was incorrectly sized. The rods had a difference of .020" between them. One rod being .005" longer than the frame, and one rod .015" shorter than the frame. so when everything was tightened, it had a warped wave across the Z axis of nearly .050". Luckily i had a small lathe and could shave the .005" off one rod, and used brass shim stock to add .015" to the other. and in the end i was able to reduce the wave to less than .002" in 4 inches of the 12" of travel. the remaining 8" less than 0.0005" Another issue i discovered is there is a lot of runout in all of the axis's that need to be adjusted out by playing with the leadscrew backlash nuts. in the end i was able to get rid of all of the runout... less than .001" of play.. There is also an acrylic piece under the carriage which is for the limit switches.... and it can be modified to gain an extra 2" of travel on the Y axis if needed. I also upgraded the motor to 20,000RPM with a 15 amp power supply.... which works gre
El_Robert El_Robert
Perfecta para Escritorio
Muy buena para trabajos de escritorio. Ya viene la mitad armada, y con un poco de paciencia es fácil de hacer las conexiones.
Rafael Rafael
Aprendiendo con ella
Aprendiendo con ella. Responde muy bien. La uso para perforar las PCB que fabrico.

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