Chris Skuller Chris Skuller
Great generic if you do not have money for GRS brand.
The vise itself is sturdy, nicely weighted. It feels well made and durable considering it's $300-$700 cheaper than the well known GRS brand. If you can afford the GRS, get it. But if you are a starving artist like me, it is well worth the savings.The attachments aren't perfect but work. The main jaw attachment is designed in such a way that it twists off if not careful. The one side only has one peg so it rotates the jaw piece but it can be worked with.I have set 2 rings with it thus far and I'm pleased. Obviously I don't know what I'm missing not having a GRS but I have found being happy with what you have makes a huge difference in your attitude overall.I would purchase this brand over other generics mostly bc they are more established.
roger theriault roger theriault
Excellent value
The ball vise is very substantial and a great value. Works well and seems well made.
L Doehling L Doehling
Full Set Standard Block Ball Vise Engraving Setting Tool With 34pcs Attachment
Elmore Elmore
Great for starters and Pros and budget friendly
I'm going to use this for leatherwork. Most likely going to do some jewelry and metal engraving as well. Instead of getting this Wooden piece that leather crafters use. i thought i buy this to cover multiple craft passions since Jewelry vise does the same thing on holding material as that leather tool. 90% of the pieces were already together when they came in, which save me so much work to attach everything. I look at the paper there were many pieces. This was a Great gamble for me
Douglas Randall Douglas Randall
Great value!
I use it all the time works smoothly and nice to look at!
Vevor Customer Vevor Customer
The vice is well made
The vice is well made. The attachments are the same as the GRC so if you wear them out you can upgrade the attachments by buying better-made ones.
For the money this ball is a good value. Buyers will be much happier with the ...
For the money this ball is a good value. Buyers will be much happier with the performance if they take it apart and give it a clean up. I did this by taking it apart removing all the oil, taking a file and removing all the sharp edged burs and bumps and putting small chamfer on all the sharp corners. I made a set of 220 and 320 grit sanding sheets for each half of the ball by cutting sheets in half and cutting a hole in the center for the center post to fit through. Put the ball back together ( with the bearing removed) with the sanding sheets in place and turn the halves against the sand paper for a while to smooth out these surfaces. I did this with the 220 and then 320 washed off both halves with solvent (WD40) and blew it all off with compressed air and wiped it down. Applied a thin film of teflon grease resembled the the ball, turned it a bunch to distribute the grease, then took it apart and wiped of all the excess. Reassembly with the bearing and the vise will spin 8 revolutions with one flick of the hand. When I got it it wouldn't make one full turn with the same effort. All in all I'm happy with this tool.
Joyce R. Joyce R.
More than expected.
Original GRS EQUIPMENT made in USA. BIG SURPRISE and fast delivery.
berto berto
Really awesome ball vice for the price
Game changer. If you are making jewelry, you need this tool. Charlie Boost approved.
Vevor Customer Vevor Customer
Amazing bargain
Works great!!... After taking it apart and cleaning all the packing grease off then apply a thin layer of machine oil.... Well worth the price D. Touchet

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