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The slipping vise The slipping vise
3" Vise
I order this vise because I cannot afford a GRS at the moment and my work load is of a small/hobby studio. A fellow jeweler suggested I buy the 5" vise but decided to go for the 3", logistics was great, arrived on time and well packaged. I decided to try it right away and I had a small issue. The 3" vise comes with a plastic white base that has no grip so the ball kept slipping and sliding to the sides, I used some cloth, I use tape around the base and no luck :(. I called customer service and they answered right away, I wanted to exchanged it for the bigger one, not an option and unfortunately they had no solution for the slipping base either, they said the 3" vise is meant to be like that ;/, they offer me a shipping credit which is ok, thank you, but no solution for the slipping vise. So I went to "google" and found a GRS rubber base for this vise, I ordered and used it instead of the white plastic base, and it worked! For the price compare to the other high end vises is good, but certainly it could be A LOT better, is working well now that I have the rubber base. So VEVOR it was a small design issue that could be fix with an inexpensive rubber base that could be added to the item!
Customer Service Reply: Dear customer,
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We are very sorry to hear that you weren’t happy with your product.
We can see that you are already in contact with our Support Team, and we hope we’ll be able to find a satisfactory solution for you.

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Etay Etay
Good product for the price. Used it multiple times without issue. .
JoyceB JoyceB
Don’t let the size fool you!
This is a great product; well made & for Jewlery hobbiest it’s the Best in its size & versatility of uses!
J. Konopka J. Konopka
$650 vs. $150?
I gave this 4 stars. If I had paid $650 for it, I'd give it one star. For the price, I can put up with the wonkiness of the attachments. I'd be interested to find out if the GRS attachments would fit this (The GRS attachments cost $150 alone, but are probably well machined). As other reviewers mentioned, some of the pins are a little wobbly and don't fit in the holes snugly. But hell, for $150, I'm glad I bought it. This is one of those "You get what you paid for" deals.
VEVOR Customer VEVOR Customer
For the money
For the money it's a stud.
Lamar J Lamar J
Ball Vise
It’s good only problem is I think I was sent a used one. It not used then damaged in production. Either way shouldnt have been shipped
Adam Fisher Adam Fisher
Newbie to engraving
There was a single spot upon spinning it that it would almost rub and create some resistance. I could not figure out how to take apart but when I was finicking around with a screwdriver and hammer, I spread it apart just enough to where it cleared that spot. So now it freely spins all the way around. It has an allen screw to tighten if you want more pressure on the spin. Being new to engraving, I am ready to spend $100's to get going in the hobby, but not $100's extra. This was absolutely worth it! Would buy again!
Sandra Sandra
Bang for your buck
I’ve used for a while now. It does what I want it to. It is not as well made as GRS by far, but it is a fraction of the price as well.The pins are all loose in the holes. At first, I thought I wouldn’t be able to use this way. However, when placing the pins correctly around the piece you’re doing, and adjusting the vises tightness to the piece you’re working on, it works and holds the piece just fine.I also cut some small dowels to use if needed, that are the hole size, but have not needed to use them.I did about 80 flush sets and did not have any problems at all with this vise.I especially like how it rotates in every direction to allow better ergonomics on my hands, wrist, neck, etc.
Amazon Customer Amazon Customer
Good piece to start with
Good thing to start woth
Al Broussard Al Broussard
very good vice
this vice is heavy, and seems to work fine for my soldering, and lapidary projects.Wise I would have known about this vice years agoXXXXX Well packed for shipping, and shipped quick

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