Dewey Koshenina Dewey Koshenina
20 mm 1200 mm
Linear Guide Rails
The rails were perfect for my router sled application. I will buy from Vevor again when the need arises.
Mark Woolard Mark Woolard
20 mm 800 mm
Works great
Made a router sled with these to flatten large planks, works great. Strong and straight.
Larry Alderson Larry Alderson
20 mm 1800 mm
Linear rail and blocks.
Fast shipment. Well satisfied
Peder Ellingson Peder Ellingson
25 mm 1200 mm
very happy
Great quality love them they worked perfect
Satisfied Customer Satisfied Customer
20 mm 1000 mm
Great product; solid steel.
Great product: Smooth and precise operation, sturdy. Used the product to create a sliding sofa/bed on an RV. Be Aware: If you are planing on extending the length of the slider by joining two butt ends together, the tolerances on the ball bearings slider are so tight that it is difficult to line them up and pass the bearings through. Otherwise, that is a testament to their precision.
Aaryn Ellsworth Aaryn Ellsworth
16 mm 1500 mm
As good as I could hope for
These rails are not perfect but they are really good. Vevor had the cheapest price and free shipping so I was worried these might look like they were built by monkeys. Instead the smooth steel rods were clean, smooth strong and defect free. Lightly oiled and wrapped in plastic and foam to prevent rust or damage. The rollers are exactly what you would expect. An Aluminum cast piece that has been tapped for threads with a bearing added into the middle. They roll a little rough until you put a load on them then they quiet down and ride smooth. Don't want to oil them as it will mix with saw dust in my shop. The aluminum feet to the rods are probably the worst part of them. They are straight and flat but the mounting holes were drilled by hand. So they are not precisely located, spaced or even sized. Not a problem for me. So I will give it a 5 star as the price fits.
Ryder Becker Ryder Becker
16 mm 2000 mm
Exactly what I needed!
I used this rail to make a sliding platform for an entryway into a house from a garage. I located the crawlspace access under the platform so you can slide the platform out of the way to enter the crawlspace. This product worked perfectly for what I needed to accomplish.
Franz Franz
20 mm 1500 mm
Perfect solution
I needed a way to flatten a very large end grain cutting board. They worked great as the support rails for a router sled. Easy to take down too.
VEVOR Linear Rail SBR16-1500mm 2PCs Linear Rail Shaft Rod W/ 4 SBR16UU Blocks
Phil Parks Phil Parks
20 mm 1000 mm
Excellent above standards
John Moore John Moore
20 mm 1800 mm
Love it!
Just wish they made longer ones.

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