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Tony H. Tony H.
Better than a traditional floor jack!
Much easier to use than a traditional floor jack. Easy to store and works very well. A little air and you are up and going. Well satisfied with product
David Weber David Weber
easy of use,
if you lift a car or truck axle off the ground make sure you block other axle from moving. because it will move
Joel Joel
Good jack for the money. All the right fittings included.
Good working Jack. I only gave it 4 stars because it tops out relatively low, but it was nothing a couple of jack stands couldn’t remedy. I’d buy it again.
murdock murdock
I bought 2 of these bad boys!!They easily hold the weight of my heavy Land Rover LR3 4.4L!Simple to use.My only tiny complaint is 1 came with 1/4" inlet air fitting & other 3/8,but I have quick adapters so no biggie!!I will absolutely recommend these to my buddies & family!!
Bobby Freeman Bobby Freeman
The jack is very easy to use, smooth and very effective. I will most likely purchase a second one to speed up my effectiveness.
perry rhodes perry rhodes
Use jack stands
Works very good it needs the valves further apart to easy to move the wrong one
George Fisher George Fisher
Manual labor saver
Easy to use, saves time, a bit clumsy to use, wish I bought one with wheel and a long handle.
micah rodriguez micah rodriguez
Great product
I’ve been using this for about six months now and I like it a lot the only problem I had is when it showed up the valve for filling it was broken off so I just went to my local hardware store and bought a new ball valve and used an easy out to get the broken piece out of the Air distribution block. It is important for everybody to know that it is intended to lift only one tire at a time if you try to lift the whole front of the car at one time it is not safe but it works very very well for lifting one tire at a time
hiway hiway
Performed as expected.
Performed as expected
travis bagwell travis bagwell

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