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Jim Jim
The man
This stuff worked great for putting in a new driveway. Has been over 6 months a seems to be holding up good.
Kelly Kelly
better than stores landscape fabric
Jerry Jerry
Makes the driveway look nice. No weeds
This is a good underlayment for driveway and good value
Katt222 Katt222
Kills weeds really well!
This product works great! We use it in our 1/4 acre garden and 1/4 acre orchard. It is easy to cut for our needs, keeps weeds from growing up and is a good price. All our pathways are covered in the driveway fabric as well as using it around our trees. The Quack grass is awful here so this product really helps to control this problem. This is the second time we have bought this product and are very happy with it.
none none
Tarp-like, surprisingly waterproof, frays like crazy
I used this to build a base for some large rain catchment tanks. I put down a layer of compacted gravel, then a layer of the driveway fabric, then about an inch of construction sand, then a layer of the driveway fabric, then the tanks. It's probably overkill, but I'd like the tanks to last.Pros:- The roll of fabric was relatively light and easy to handle. It was folded in half to a ~6.5' width, then rolled up into a cylinder, then the cylinder was folded in half again to ship it as a ~3' long bundle. When laid out, it was wrinkled where it had been folded, but it was relatively easy to pull it taut and flat once it was in place.- green lines woven into the fabric make it easy to align it where you want it- Ends of the roll were cut with a heated tool, so the plastic strips it's woven from are fused together and don't unravel- It's surprisingly waterproof and slick. This is great for my application, as it was easy to move the empty tanks around on it, and its waterproof tendencies will do well to slow erosion of the tank base. Not sure if I'd want such a waterproof layer in an actual driveway, though.Cons:- Frays like crazy if you cut it. If you were to cut it and then move it, you'd end up with a pile of useless plastic ribbons. If you're going to cut it then move it, try sealing the edge with a lighter or hot tool, like you'd do with paracord to keep it from fraying out.Unknowns:- UV resistance. I installed it around xmas 2022, and it's in a shaded location, but if I notice UV damage to the exposed as time goes on I'll try to remember to update the review
Jennifer Scoles Jennifer Scoles
Great Price
Best price around on quality filter fabric. The product ships quickly via FedEx, and arrived within 4 days of ordering. Couldn’t get it local at anywhere near this price.
Thomas R. Thomas R.
General Contractor
This was my first time purchasing from Vevor and I was very pleased with how easy it was to shop and purchase from them. The driveway fabric I purchased is very good quality. I highly recommend.
Lolita Wike Lolita Wike
Better price than last batch
Went for a long way before covering with gravel.
Craig Craig
Seems to work just fine....
It is weed barrier / underlayment. We'll know if it works in a few years... ( Hopefull it works just fine and we get no weeds growing into our new driveway rock. )
Kindle Customer Kindle Customer
Super Easy to use
This is easy to use, works great. Just what I needed to cover large areas of new flower beds.

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