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Scott Scott
Business owner
I was a bit nervous to make this purchase due to the low price but in the end the low price made up my mind. This drill is used to core 4.5 inch holes through concrete floors to install Radon mitigation systems. It has now drilled 3 holes and so far it has been amazing. The bit cuts through the concrete like butter. Extremely please with the drill so far.
Weiguo Weiguo
powerful VEVOR 6 Inch/160MM Diamond Core Drilling Machine
I have a ADU project for the sewer lines and gray water lines set up, there were lots of concreate in the ground, I ordered VEVOR 6 Inch/160MM Diamond Core Drilling Machine which delivered on-time, this machine powerful , easy to use and help me successfully solved the problem.
VEVOR Customer VEVOR Customer
It did the job that I bought it to do.
I needed to core drill some holes in a concrete retaining wall and looked at renting a "hand drill". I knew that with the number of holes I needed to drill that it wouldn't be a 1-day job. I did the math and decided I would buy this tool instead of renting. It arrived in 2-days (thank you Prime) and pulled it out of the box. The packing for such a heavy tool is poor, at best, and the power was actually damaged. I needed to use the tool the next day, so I made a temporary repair to the cord and used it. It works great and the mounting rig is a HUGE backsaver. Instead of lugging the drill head and bit for over 30 minutes (each hole) I was able to get comfortable and sit while the drill did the work. It has all the power needed to drill a 4.25" hole if you have the patience to drill into concrete - which is not a quick process. I still have a few more holes to drill, but so far I am extremely happy with this tool and the overall purchase.
Richard Richard
Price match the quality
Easy to use to drill concrete wall.
Jose Jose
No force to much and is gonna work just fine!!!
Working good same as the Milwaukee brand
N. Morales N. Morales
Worth the buy!!!
Works like a charm. Good for the price. Not sure how long it will last but it works for the time. If you want something inexpensive to get a quick job done, then this is it.
Hackamac Hackamac
It may be Chinese made, but it works like a charm.
May be Chinese made and relatively cheap (compared to other big name brands) but this thing sure does behave just like all the name brand ones that I have used over the years. Used on three jobs for my new business and has already paid for itself 5 fold. Also used it with a thread adapter and smaller core barrel to install a pool guard rail for elderly in-laws. Browny points! Remote locations with no running water and works fine with a gravity feed water bucket. Tapped on the side of the core barrel when finished with a small hammer and concrete core fell out every time, like it should. Only down side is that the startup wattage requirement is high and you need a heavy duty generator to power it if you are at a remote location.UPDATE: used on two more jobs and still working fine. One site was just a couple locations, second site was over a dozen cores in both concrete that was 8+ inches deep and old asphalt. Worked fine and did not even trip the fuse when I got impatient and pushed down too hard.... did not realize how thick the concrete was at the site.UPDATE 2: still using it and still going strong after over a year.
VEVOR Customer VEVOR Customer
Richard Welch
The drill is lightweight and easy to handle. We did have to build a bigger plate at the base, but I am very happy with it
steve craig steve craig
Great deal
Very satisfied with the tool so far
Coral Cox Coral Cox
Worked as advertised
Worked perfectly

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