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Amy Amy
Owner and Chef
Wow, As good as units that cost 2-3x's the price. Well thought out product. Blender arm disconnect works better than the other product and is easy to use and clean. I recommend this blender/mixer if you need great performance and price!
Andy Andy
Nailed it again!
Once again Vevor has knocked it out of the park. This is a great immersion blender and I couldn't be happier. It gets a lot of heavy use and handles every bit of it.
VEVOR Customer VEVOR Customer
Perfect blender
Perfect blender
Jerry Jerry
Awesome mixer
Use this to mix hot pepper sauce in a 20 litre pot. This is a great mixer for all uses !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Albert Mazumder Albert Mazumder
Good quality
I will recommend you
Chris Lemmon Chris Lemmon
Used to mix 5 gallon buckets of glazes for pottery and worked wonders. I wish I had thought of this 20 years ago. The only thing it needs serious work on is the design of the handle and the buttons. Holding it once it is locked is awkward. Would work much better if it had T handles and it was easier to lock. I'd still buy it again but when those 2 things are redesigned it will go from "Amazing" to "Holy shit, how did I live my life without this!?" It is a bit heavy but not too heavy for a woman to handle.
Rodney l Tharp Rodney l Tharp
Works great
Made making my spaghetti sauce real easy
Phil Phil
Alabama Hot Sauce
When making hot pepper sauce for commercial use, it is impossible proceed without a commercial immersion blender. I own a very large RoboCoup immersion blender that I had to purchase at a price exceeding $2000. I admit that it is the class of the immersion blender world. But, it is way heavy and way cumbersome to use. I also wanted a smaller one for blending 50-75 quart batches. I thought about a second RoboCoup, but the prices simply stopped me in my tracks. In my research for a alternate brand at a lower cost, I found VEVOR. At the prices, I figured I would not risk much if I bought one and ended up putting it in the room for failed cooking equipment. Much to my surprise, this thing works great! Best of all, it is MUCH lighter and MUCH easier to clean. I handles like a dream and leaves me with very nice blended hot sauce. I am finding other uses for it every day. I am so glad I bought this. It introduced me to a world of exciting food processing equipment and has opened my eyes to a new purchasing source for everything I buy. I have since purchased about 5 pieces of equipment from VEVOR. They are my new go-to source for process equipment. On a side note, I am going to buy one of the smaller Vevor immersion blenders to replace the Vitamix immersion blender we use at home. Why do slow when you can do fast and complete!
Joe Joe
I like it alot. Use it for grinding dry powdered chemicals. Hours of use and no problem. Built very well.
Miguel G. Miguel G.
Great purchase!
Blend sauces

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