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missejane missejane
Black 60x160x180~215 cm
Works great in my upstairs !
Sloane Schrodinger Sloane Schrodinger
Only one usable hangrail, doesn't adjust height as claimed
This is very well made. It is easy to assemble even though the instructions are lacking. I can confirm that there are two levels of hanging poles that span from one side to the other. This was not clear to me from the advertising info.When assembled per the instructions the space between the upper pole and the middle pole is a joke. I am a normal size person with normal size (Large and XL) clothes. Using a standard AmazonBasics hanger and measuring from the shoulder to the pole I get 18” of hanging space. This is far too short for 95% of the shirts I own. A regular shirt is around 25 to 28” and when hanging on the top pole hangs into the middle pole by at least 10 inches. I guess I could hang bras or crop tops but I just throw them in a drawer. The hanging space between the middle pole and the floor is a weird length of 53”, too much for most of my thigh length dresses at about 36”and too short for a full length 61 to 63” gown.Poles are NOT adjustable as stated in the advertisement. They are both at fixed locations, The only way to move them is to drill new holes. I guess I can put hangers on the top rail. This things wastes a huge amount of space that could be better utilized with a different design.Overall: Only one pole is usable, the top pole I don’t know what to use it for and I see now that there are no photos of it in use on the advertisement page. What a waste. If unit was 6” taller the top pole would become useable, and the lower pole could move down 3 to 6”. This product needs redesigned so both poles can be used for hanging. Advertisement needs correction so it says the correct info. Not recommended and I wouldn’t buy again.
Customer Service Reply: Dear customer ,
Sorry for the inconvenience has caused to you .

You can contact customer service for support, and we are always working on improving product quality.
Any questions,welcome to contact us !

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angelina m. angelina m.
Great size
This definitely holds a good amount of clothes.It was a very easy setup according to my boyfriend.It’s big but easy to push from room to room.The rack is sturdy enough for all if my outfits.
Shawn R Shawn R
Commercial grade rack
This clothing rack is BIG and solid. It is a commercial grade rolling clothes rack and does its job well. The rack was easy to put together and holds a lot. This is a much heavier duty rack than the cheap plastic ones. If you need a keavy duty rack to hold a lot, this is it.It comes apart easily with push button releases for the rack so you can take it down to move it. This connector makes it a tiny bit wobbly but it is loaded down with clothes and is still standing so the slight wobble doesn't seem to affect it.
Nerd Alert Nerd Alert
Industrial Style Rack
This is clearly designed for use in a commercial setting, with a high height and casters for easy movement. It takes up a lot of space at home, but does look nice and is much stronger than some cheap clothing hangers.The installation instructions were terrible. It would be better if they put stickers on the different parts to label them like typical furniture. Once you figure it out, it is not bad and just requires some bolts and a little patience. It is very tall, so you may want to build it in place. I built it in another room and had to take it apart to move it. It is really too tall for my house, so I will likely also remove one piece on each side to lower it.This is definitely a nice solution for adding clothing storage to a room without a closet. It is perfect for a guest room in particular.
SuLu SuLu
Sturdy & holds quite a lot; heavy work jackets on 1 pole, accessories on the other...
This rack is going to work out great for what I wanted it for. I have an enclosed back porch that I have been converting into a small dining and seating area (very casual) on one side and a sort of mud-room on the other. I like to keep some of our winter-weight jackets and sweatshirts out on the porch for when my husband and I are working in the yard or when I am headed off for a walk. So far, they have been hanging on a thick wire that my husband put up for me, but it isn't all that attractive and it is also starting to bend from all of the weight as the clothing is a lot heavier than I planned for. This rack is fairly easy to assemble, and is very sturdy. It holds everything on the lower pole and I can hang doggie sweaters, coats, leashes & such on the top rack so I am not always searching for something for our two dogs when it is needed. I really like that the rack can be maneuvered around so easily and locked into position. I initially thought that I could use the rack for two layers of clothing, but there really isn't enough vertical space between the poles. I did hang one of those small, round racks that have little clothespins from the top pole to hold gloves and beanies. I also like the hooks at each end for leashes and the doggie equivalent of a diaper bag, or just to hang a coat from. In the summer, I can use it for blankets, beach towels and other gear instead. The rack has saved a considerable amount of space in the house where I used to keep everything on hooks near the front and back door. The current price of $94.99 seems very reasonable as this is much heavier-duty and more durable than similar garment racks I have owned that turned out to be pricey but flimsy.
Big Daddy Big Daddy
Good clothing rack
This is a good rack, but does not seem as sturdy as the racks made by Econoco, which are a little more expensive.PROS:1. Well-made and strong.2. Less expensive than the heavier racks.3. Has a second bar so you can really hang a lot of clothes on it (if you have a lot of short items of clothes, like those for kids).4. Reasonably easy to assemble.CONS:1. It is not as strong as other racks. I would consider this a high-mid-grade rack.2. With both racks in place, it is quite high and becomes a little top-heavy. It is not as stable with both racks. With both racks installed, you can only put short clothes on the top rack anyway. Accordingly, I took the bottom rack out and moved the top rack down. It is a stronger rack and makes the entire product much more stable.
M. Hill M. Hill
Industrial Style Garment Rack for Light to Medium Loads
Large in size and with an industrial look, this garment rack rolls with ease and two of the swivel casters are locking so it can be secured in place but seems suited for light to moderate loads. Assembly isn’t too difficult but the completely visual half-sheet of instructions could definitely be improved. It is worth the time to watch the video on the product page. Note that both the top and lower hanging bar are created with two pieces that connect together so there is a seam in the middle of each bar.The top bar connects in the middle with screws but the lower hanging bar connects with just one spring loaded button. A one-piece bar is preferable because with a two-piece bar it is possible that a heavy load may cause those center seams to eventually sag, a compromise I assume was made to facilitate ease in transport. A smaller issue but the small connector pieces and tools tore through their zip lock bag during shipment and were rolling around loose in the box but luckily did not escape although there was a hole in the outer carton.All tools essential for assembly are included although I did need a rubber mallet for two areas that were difficult to fit together. Included is an Allen wrench to tighten the screws and an open-end wrench for the caster connectors. Most of the poles snap into place with spring loaded buttons connectors. Overall the rack is okay and may work well in a laundry room, craft room or for storing lightweight seasonal clothing.
JujubeMBA JujubeMBA
Huge but difficult to put together
This is larger than I expected. But that's not a bad thing. The only negative was putting it together. The instructions neglect to mention the screws. It mentions one, but there are more. You have to figure that out as you go along, and as it happens I used the wrong screw for the first thing and had to go back and redo that with another screw. Frustrating. It's not as sturdy in the middle of the racks as I'd have liked. For something called "profesisonal" I wouldn't expect a small amount of weight to make it bow. But it will work for my needs.
Lynn S. Lynn S.
Pieces of base don’t fit. Can not assemble!
Can not be assembled with parts delivered!

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