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Gimli Klein Gimli Klein
40 kg
I’m pleased with this anvil, solid, good face. It was delivered very quickly. The only issue I have was that there was a bunch of Bondo on the underside and the horn had cast marks on it. I highly recommend this anvil.
Timber Tiger Forge Timber Tiger Forge
Black 110lb 50kilo anvil
First Impressions, clang for the buck? Can not beat the price per pound. Arched base moves weight up into the striking face=more working area than traditional anvis with solid base. Brand new, never struck "not"collectable which is you can keep a fresh edge and not cry about taking your 7in grinder to the other edge and get that tapered bevel you wish was on your classic avail but don't want to grind a 140year old beauty. Not so great features, pritchle hole is on the horn butted up against the face.....not good 1 it's way to big a hole, 2 it's right we're the step should be.... Which by the way is missing completely and a huge problem "I'd recommend not chisel cuting on the horn as that big hole is there and I'd be worried to lose the horn completely" just use something else for striking hard tools in not this anvil. Only other glaring thing I don't care for is how short and wide the horn is,. Will have to see how it performs in the future. Otherwise you can't lose for the price and free shipping if you need a good size anvil and are in a bugget....... don't hesitate just get one, easy decision. Thanks for reading check me out on Instagram Timber_Tiger_Forgre
Romain Romain
60 kg
I was about to give only three stars because you are almost forcing me to write this review by sending email reminders without any opt out option and asking for more than 100 characters. Stop doing this, you're going to end up with bad reviews. Great Anvil though.
Greg P Greg P
30 kg
Worth the money but...
Actually for a cast steel anvil, it's a pretty good value for the money. Be aware, mine didn't look quite like the photo. The casting is pretty rough with lots of pits and apparently some voids. The largest are apparently hidden with bondo-type material, and all that is hidden under that hideous blue paint. However, it is an anvil and surface imperfections in the body will not hurt a thing assuming there is a nice flat surface. Which there is. The horn was a bit rough. I removed most all of the blue paint with a wire brush on an angle grinder. Then used a grinder and rounded the sharp edges, and smoothed out the rough spots on the horn, then put a sand/flap wheel and smoothed out the horn even more. Taped off the work surfaces and spray painted flat black on the body and covered the residual blue paint. I don't plan on anything heavy duty, the 66 pounder will do for me. NOTE; It may be worthwhile to check out Vevor's website, who is the outfit that imports this anvil I believe. Overall a good value for the money. People seem to think domestic antique anvils are priceless so this is a good alternative at a fraction of the cost.
mikael morgan mikael morgan
30 kg
Nice for the price
I've been using this anvil for alittle over a month and it seems to be a great anvil for a low cost. It has great rebound and has been able to do what I need it to do. It has a few small flaws but for the price you can deal with it.
LANLocked LANLocked
22.5 kg
Home shop
This anvil exceeded my expectations. I am not a blacksmith and I am not using this for blacksmithing. I am a home shop machinist and this fits the bill for an anvil I can throw on the bench when I need it but remains under the bench when not in use. Machining and finish are nice and the anvil has plenty of mass. Highly recommended.
Mark Crawford Mark Crawford
45 kg
Exceptional product
This anvil is perfect for smaller projects. It is made very well for the price. I would purchase this instead of spending big money on another anvil when this one performs just as good if not better. Thanks vevor. To me you have a great future in tools. I would love to try tools out in the future and do reviews on my youtube channel. Thanks
Walkstep Walkstep
40 kg
Vevor 88Lb Anvil
Very cool. Very Heavy. Delivered close enough to my shop door. Looks great and takes a beating. Didn't think I could afford an anvil this size but Vevor came through as usual.
Donal Donal
60 kg
Anvil arrived in a wooden crate in great shape. No dings at all. The Pritchel hole is not usable as is, but I knew that would be the case. Rebound is good.
UpGraydd UpGraydd
20 kg
uxo tech
I'm not a blacksmith, I dont know what a pritchard hole is. I'm just a dude who hammers on ordnance at a BRACed munitions depot for money. I found the scavenged railroad tie plate they gave me for this purpose too soft and bouncy. The anvil surface is hard and flat, and the round horn is handy for opening up pinched 37mm's for inspection and clearing. It has been sitting exposed to cold and very damp weather for a few days and doesn't show any rust yet. The blue paint comes off onto everything that conctacts with it. The casting is rough at the holes in the feet and very sharp in places. I was hoping to lag screw the anvil to a log I was given for a pounding station, but the feet holes are unsuitable for this. I'm not sure if that's a normal anvil feature. I chiseled a pair of recesses into my log so it sits secure enough. Shipping was pretty quick. All in all, I say it beats the hell out of using a tie plate.

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