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Cathy O'Neil Cathy O'Neil
None Blue Yes No
Would give this product a , A
Awesome product and delivery
Pam Taylor Pam Taylor
Works good i would recommend it
Tried to figure out what was going on with this thing. Had to ask husband when he got home. It was missing a bearing and the clips to hold the bearings in. If we had used it the one bearing would have slipped out and the wheels would have fallen off. That would not have been good. PLEASE double check you have both bearings in both wheels before you assemble and use one of these. You could get hurt. They are sending a replacement. I wondered why it would not go together right. Now I know thanks to someone with mechanical ability. Strap with it is not so great. Order a real one if you want to.
Danil M. Danil M.
None Blue Yes No
Super content, plus solide que je le croyais. Structure entièrement en acier.Un peu lourd mais super robuste, ce qui compense. Le seul hic, c'est que la poignée est difficile à refermer, il faut appuyer sur les 2 billes en même temps et de pousser la poignée vers le bas. Avec le temps, je vais peut-être trouver un truc.
Hammond Hammond
Gut zu verlegen, Teile lassen sich einfach verbinden, guter Kabelschutz
The company was very responsive and helpful in fixing manufacturing error. The hand truck is great I use it for moving wood and bags dirt. The wheels could be a little bigger...., However it works quite nice and does as advertised. The wheels are a lot cleaner on the treads and create no damage compared to the hand trucks with the belt/track bar sliding system for stairs. One improvement I had to make to my basement stairs is to put kicker plates along the front of all the stairs to close them off... This gives the wheels something to rotate up onto the next stair of that makes sense, without it the wheel will get slightly bound up. My stairs may be bigger than others, however that's why I said earlier on that a larger wheel option would be nice! Works and handles well though!!
Chuck Wilder Chuck Wilder
None Blue Yes No
Best pole saw
I am using this for moving potted plants even up to 25-gallon size. Holds and moves them well.
Marquis de Saniette Marquis de Saniette
None Blue Yes No
If you're a home gym person, this is the trolley you want for getting any piece of weight equipment 450-lbs. (208 kg) or lighter up and down the stairs safely. Had three benches weighing between 125-175 lbs. that this trolley handled with ease. Nothing was scraped, scratched, or gouged. Only wish I had used it when I moved into this place years ago!
Aileen Aileen
None Blue Yes
Great design
I do delivery moving grocery boxes up and down stairs on a daily basis, with each box weighing around 20 pounds. Cart fits 3 of those boxes stacked and is still sturdy, no signs of bending or wobbling.Only issue are the wheels. They are super loud when rolled where the whole 3 blocks radius can hear, disrupting the neighborhood. If they added rubber to the wheels or some sort of quiet-rolling technology, I would definitely give 5 stars and buy again.
Sweetgirl Sweetgirl
None Black No
Very good
I love this! It gets heavy boxes up stairs with such ease. I use everyday for packages that are too heavy for me to carry (over 50 lbs) I'm a very short and petite gal. It has made life much easier. As far as durability, I'm not sure how long it will last. It has good wheels but where the wheels are connected seems to be loosening over the past month. If it breaks, I'll most likely buy another because it's cheaper than others but maybe the more expensive ones are more durable? Time will tell. Still happy with this product.
David Smith David Smith
Best deal on large capacity driveway conduit tracks
It didn’t have the wheels assembly bar to connect the wheels I’m very disappointed i paid a lot for this item and it not all in the box I can’t use this cart
Tracey L Lonergan Tracey L Lonergan
None Black Yes
Very strong.
Good for light tasks. Great for boxes if you have time to strap on to secure.

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