Aerator Kit Aerator Kit
1/2 HP Aerator Kit
The pump puts out a massive amount of air with the diffuser at 10' deep. Fish are striking and fighting harder with only running the pump at night. The air hose is not self sinking and I had an issue with the on/off switch. For the price point, I would buy again.
Dawn Kerr Dawn Kerr
Nice pump but hose is not weighted like it states. Hose floats on water, not a good feature. I'm done with my comment & it won't let me post until I've added 100 more characters, grrrrr!!!!
David Jones David Jones
Main picture is not the exact model your getting. It works, but not the same.
Does not have two outlets as shown in the main picture. Not happy about that because I would like to add another diffuser and now I will have to add what is in the picture.
Amazon Customer Amazon Customer
Weighted air line floats.
“Weighted” air line is not very “weighted” as it floats on top of the water. Claims in the ad that the airline is weighted we’re false, as least in my case.
Mark Marinello Mark Marinello
Been running for 1 month, puts out a lot of air for a 2 acre pond. Needed to weight down the airline hose. The on/ off toggle switch burnt out, so I replaced it myself. Pump seems like it is well made though. Needs to be under a cover if exposed to water or rain. Would recommend

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