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Barton Crabtree Barton Crabtree
Best value for the dollar very well built
Very impressed been woodworking a long time. I know there are others out there but you won't beat this one for the money.
Vespasian Vespasian
Much better than what came with the saw
I own a millwork company, this is a decent gauge for the money, you only "think" you need something better than this, in reality you do not. You guys that spend hundreds on these uber precision woodworking tools have too much money and not enough sense. Your T slot is most likely not perfectly parallel to the blade so anything better than this is a complete waste of money.
Russell Russell
Pleasantly Surprised
I was not familiar with Vevor. I was hesitant to waste money on cheap crap selling companies BUT I gave it a try anyway. SURPRISE! I am pretty impressed with this 24" miter gauge. Way better than the Delta one that came with the saw. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality. Solid feeling all aluminum. Everything went together perfectly and locks in tight. I have no complaints about the alignment either. If I was to find fault it would be 2 things: Inspect the styrofoam packing good. They literally hid the blue knob inside a small compartment in the packaging and then cover it with another piece of well fitted styrofoam. I nearly threw it away. Secondly, the instructions are pretty much garbage. The ONLY part of the instructions that were any help at all was the small black & white picture. Now assembling this is NOT rocket science. However you will need a bit of common sense to do this. Now I just need to get them to start selling woodworking clamps :)
VEVOR Customer VEVOR Customer
Well made .
The miter gauge and fence quality for this price is a amazing deal. I would buy it again in a heart beat. Keep it up velvor.
swillis396 swillis396
So much better than the one that comes with any table saw.
Adjustable for no side to side movement. Adjustable for so many applications. Awesome flip stop. Really nice tool for the price. The instructions for assembling it are very much crap.
TKMoss TKMoss
Got exactly what I needed, reasonable price, and quick service.
Everything as expected and delivered on time
so far so good so far so good
What a nice surprise
The quality is the best I've seen at this price point. Thanks for marking where the blue handle was in the packaging, it could easily has been tossed. But someone should tell the manufacturer that not every one likes jig-saw puzzles :)...NO DIRECTIONS, but I figured it out. Looking forward to more accurate cross cuts .
Eric Eric
Once I set it up it was perfect for my projects and was easy to setup! Very consistent cuts.
Jorge A. Garcia Jorge A. Garcia
Super nice tool thanks
Very good price
AmazonReviewer AmazonReviewer
VEVOR Does it again!
I actually own both the 24” and the 17” Miter gauges and use one with a table saw and the other with the band saw. These are VERY WELL crafted. I was impressed when I was unboxing, how well packaged and labeled the box is. There were some earlier reviews of people complaining that the blue knob was missing and one reviewer mentioned it was under and inside the foam. Well now there’s a cut out and a label stating what’s there. The materials themselves are of very good quality aluminum, no rough edges or rough spots. All is there, there is a manual with some information. What is not very detailed is how to install or put it together but it is pretty self explanatory. In case it’s not for you, look at the pictures I’m posting where you can see what goes where. I checked the squareness of the gauge and it’s 100% square. This thing is really great. I made several cuts and they were also cleverly square. All in all, these are wonderful pieces of equipment and will last a very long time. Besides the price vs what you get it’s really amazing! Thanks to VEVOR for making such a great product!!

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