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steve steve
good for the price
Works as expected. Good price. The only feature missing is giving some indication of the torque being applied. With a 50x multiplier, it is hard to get a feeling how much torque you are exerting.
rick farnsworth rick farnsworth
Does exactly what was said to do.
Well worth the money. Very powerful!!!!!
Thomas Lehnerd Thomas Lehnerd
First time user.
As a first time user, I was greatly pleased that it allowed me to do a job I thought I was going to have to pay someone else to do. My 3/4" impact wrench wouldn't budge the lugs on our school bus. This tool did it with ease. Comes with the sockets needed including a 13/16" square drive for the inner lugs. Link to a video of me using the tool.
milton dacus milton dacus
great tool a must for on road mechanics / tire service
i couldn't get some lose without a 3 ft 1 inch breaker bar and a 5 ft pipe till i bought this .
John Loveridge John Loveridge
What did I get?
I ordered the 1:78 Vevor torque multiplier, but what was delivered is NOT 1:78! I count only 56 input turns per output turn. Vevor's advertising is similarly contradictory: my tool's flimsy plastic case has a label that clearly says in big letters "HT78 Labor Saving Wrench" and "Trans-speed Ratio 1:78", but Vevor's website blurb for the tool I ordered says "1:64" no less than six times, and almost all the photos of it show another different model of torque multiplier with a slightly shorter body and arm, except for the last photo that shows (as far as I can tell) the same tool that I received. So, I have no idea exactly what I got! While this type of advertising may be legal or at least acceptable in China, Chinese companies like Vevor who choose to do business in North America and Europe have to understand that misrepresenting their products is illegal and possibly fraudulent. I know that in Europe any vendor that operates like most Chinese companies do here would be prosecuted or shut down immediately. The tool seems to be completely dry inside. As is usual with Chinese tools, grease is conspicuous by its absence, presumably because it would cost too much to add enough of it during assembly? No matter, I'm well used to this by now, so I'll take off the snap ring and add some good graphite grease of my own, then it won't feel like metal-on-metal grinding. After I've greased this tool I'll try it on my bus's wheels and see if it works at all, or minimally, or maybe even satisfactorily. We'll see! If it breaks, back to Vevor it will go. I've given it (very generously, I think) three stars, because A) I actually got it, B) it seems approximately what I ordered, and C) it may work to some extent. Come on Vevor, get your act together. Advertise accurately and honestly, and don't sell low-quality junk.
Portico Portico
Worked great
Worked on the old Dodge 2 ton duals. Those lug nuts were really stuck on there and this device worked great. The case is good too.
1:58 Torque Multiplier Set Wrench Lug Nut Labor Saving Lugnuts 4 Sockets w/ Case
Roy Franson Roy Franson
Better then air wrench.
Liked very well. Took the 400 ft lb lug nuts off my MH, THREE TURNS and I could use my ratchet to remove them all the way .all 6 1 1\2 " lugNuts.
Justin Justin
Surprisingly strong.
Much stronger product than i thought. Broke apart a one inch thick bolt in half with just a little extra effort. Breaks stuck on bolts with ease. The only thing i can say about the tool needing anything is there isnt much of any grease inside the tools for longevity. It is as simple as taking of the snap ring and adding some grease though so for a 50 dollar tool it is a great buy for anyone looking to do rough to take off bolts without a compressor.
Sharon F. Sharon F.
Great quality, great price, very satisfied !!
I bought this for my husband and he absolutely loves it. He's thrilled with it, especially for the price I paid for it. He said I got a great deal, he said it's a good quality tool. I'm so glad I decided to get it. Sincerely,Sharon Ferguson
Freddy davila Freddy davila
Muy bueno

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