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Steve Steve
The heat tape itself is fine. The thermostat sense air temperature, which is interesting that the floor is only heated when the room is cold, which makes some sense. I need to check the floor temperature, so I used a different heat controller that came with a sensor.
Alex Alex
Cable working and in great condition. Instructions are horrible but easy to figure. Thermostat is too small to cover back box so install without back box.
Amy Amy
Warming a greenhouse
I buried this cable along the outer perimeter of a raised planter bed with sand-filled cinderblock walls. The cable is seated about 4" of sand (2" of sand all around the cable) with direct contact to the growing medium on one side and the cinderblock on the other. I've got a temporary greenhouse structure on top/around of the cinderblock walls. I've had this installed and running for a week now and so far it's working; I'll come back at the end of winter for an update.I did not use the thermostat included. I installed a lighted plug end to the heating cable (red and blue wires on the blades, yellow on ground pin) and plugged the cables into a AC timer like you might use to turn on/off lamps while you're away from home. This is plugged into a circuit with a lighted on/off switch. I can see at a glance if the circuit is on and if the heat cables are on through the windows without leaving my house.
Non Stop Horizon Non Stop Horizon
Works great with OJ Microline Thermostat
Used for Patio floor heat with SunTouch HeatMatrix underlayment. Had that hot plastic smell when testing. Would have been nice if it had a plenum shield on the wires in the jacket, but still works great.
Non Stop Horizon Non Stop Horizon
This is good heated floor cable
I am a tile installer and have installed thousands of square feet of heated cable. I gave it a 4 star review because the instructions are horrible on how to install the cable into the thermostat. Here's how I got this cable to work....1) don't use the thermostat that comes in the kit.2) buy a Sun Touch, Warmup, Laticrete, OJ Microcline, Schluter, or any other quality electric floor heating thermostat. These thermostats can cost anywhere from $75 to $250, depending on the options you want (basic, programmable, & WiFi). My favorites are Warmup and Laticrete but the other brands are great too.3 install the red wire from the cable to the white load wire on the thermostat.4) install the blue wire from the cable to the black load wire on the thermostat.5) install the yellow wire from the cable to the ground wire on the thermostat.6) then install your 120 volt wires into the thermostat.7) you'll need to purchase a temperature sensor wire. You can buy one on Amazon for about $ installs into the thermostat and regulates the temperature of the heated floor to maintain an even temperature.This heated cable works very good and is good quality. Just remember to not use the thermostat that is supplied and use a quality thermostat and temperature sensor wire and this cable will work good for you. This cable will install into any brand of heated floor uncoupling membrane. I hope this helps anybody who is leary about this heated floor system. If this is your first time, please google and research information about installing an electric heated flooring system before trying to install this system. I hope this information helps, and thank you for your time.
Sergey Kozlov Sergey Kozlov
working good will see if it last
Darry Leonard Darry Leonard
instruction manual
The unit is great and functioning very well. The only complaint was that I didn't receive an instruction manual.

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