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Cox Delmer Cox Delmer
5 Pieces
The square platform arm was loose.
The square platform arm would not tighten up with the lever. I wrapped the arm with some masking tape and I could tighten up the arm. Now it works good. If the arm would have tightened up at first I would have given this a 5 star rating.
Daniel Vellotti Daniel Vellotti
6 Pieces
Vari-grind System for sharpening gouges etc.
Great service! Great tool. There were no instructions of any kind in the box. I went on Youtube to learn how others use and set up this tool. After hrs. Of research I figured it out. Great price. I am very pleased with it . I have bought other items from Vevor great products!
Richard Blomstrom Richard Blomstrom
6 Pieces
Did not receive
I never received it and could not reach by phone or email. I assumed that you were out of business. Are you still in business?

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